917 Folsom St
San Francisco, CA 94107-1006

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Terrible place! The first night I stayed there I was bitten by bedbugs all over my stomach, arms and legs. When I her the bites and a few bedbugs with my sucked blood to the owner, an Indian lady, whose name is Shama, she stated she NEVER had a bedbug before. She offered to move to another room, however it was full of bedbugs as well. I had to move the second day despite I paid for the week in advance. The place is very dirty and managers are unpleasant. I am gonna request my refund. If not, the

n proceed with a court claim.

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I lived at the CW hotel for 8 months. towards the end of my stay I had a day to day battle with the critters. When I told the owner she made me feel as though it was my fault and several people around my room had problems. She did call pest control and he said it would take three treatments. she also tried to charge me for the pest control guy

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