888 Howard St
San Francisco, CA 94103-3011

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06/2013 Room 810. We found bedbugs on the left corner of the box. The hotel was very nice and accommodating in giving us another room and said that they have a procedure in place to handle it.

I've always check for bedbugs before placing my bags in the room. I have been doing it for years. This is the first time I actually encountered them. It is gross, disgusting, shocking. However, I understand that sometimes hotels can't help it especially if they are next to a convention center.

After finding some, I did not want to stay there but I did not those bugs to ruin my weekend. The hotel staff were very nice and understanding and ensured us that the next room will not have any. They even allowed me to check before agreeing to it and had a staff member come with me.

Thank goodness we checked. If we haven't, I am sure I would have bites in the morning.

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As an industry, we are aware that the incidence of bed bugs has risen but is not prevalent. In an effort to ensure the safety and comfort of our guests in regard to this matter the hotel has in place a proactive program to limit the possibility of such an occurrence.

1.Our hotel staff is trained in all protocols used to detect the presence of bedbugs.

2.We have a standing contract with a third party pest control company which allows for the routine inspection of all of our guestrooms on

a rotating basis.

3.Additionally, we employ a canine detection company that specializes in this field to do routine inspections of the property. They use dogs that are specially trained to detect bedbugs.

In the event that bed bugs are discovered, the hotel's pest control specialists act to ensure that the bugs are eradicated and if necessary, discard and replace all affected furniture and linens. Additionally, the guest room is taken out of service until the hotel is advised that the guest room is pest free. While experts tell us that bed bugs are not a public health threat and are not a sanitary issue with regard to a particular location, we understand this is a concern among travelers today, especially for someone who has been affected. The health, safety and comfort of our guests are of the utmost importance to us. Any/all reports of potential bedbug issues are thoroughly investigated.

As a precautionary measure, we do suggest you to inspect your luggage very thoroughly as soon as you get to your room and back to your house to make sure you are not carrying any bedbug that could be transferred from one luggage to another during a flight and also check items of clothing before wearing it or taking it home that hasn’t been washed before. Also you should inspect the seat of your plane as well as of any movie theater you will visit, these are also places where bedbugs be present in, not only on beds.

We pride ourselves in providing a safe, secure, and comfortable environment for all of our guests.

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Was vacationing from chicago with my boyfriend for several days.I noticed on the second day of our stay I had a couple bites on my arm and wasnt sure where they came from.The next night I noticed several more and was so worried I woke up my boyfriend to complain about the itchy bites.When we looked at the pillow in the bed we both saw a bed bug and immedietly called management and registered a formal complaint took photographs and immedietly left for the airport.Our vacation was ruined. We had t

o cancel our Sonoma wine country tour.We had to buy a full priced ticket to get back home after sleeping in the airport over night.We have spoken with management since and were reasured all expenses including medical will be reimbursed.The manager admitted that he saw the bed bugs and used a speacial dog to sniff them out.I still worry about taking bugs home with me and when are these painful ugly bites going to go away?

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I stayed at the Intercontinental, San Francisco (888 Howard Street), May 27 - May 29, 2011 in room 821 and left with itchy, red bed-bug bites all over my abdomen, neck and back. This is a new and not inexpensive hotel so this was not expected. I feel disgusted, especially since this was my 50th Birthday weekend!

I have emailed the hotel and we shall see how they respond. From other people's comments, I am not hopeful. DO NOT STAY HERE!!!

BED BUGS at the InterContinental San Francisco Moscone Center. Please change the name of this hotel to Intercontinental at Moscone. I stayed there for a conference (3 nights) on 4/10/11 - 4/13/11 and discovered bed bugs! Thank goodness I didn't get bitten but they are around. Once I told the front desk, the concierge responded like this happens frequently. It concerns me that they don't have any process in place to get rid of these critters. When the concierge says "usually happens," I think tha

t's a bad sign. DO NOT STAY HERE. The customer service was poor as well. I was distraught and requested another room but that was all that they were able to accommodate. I even got downgraded!!! DON"T STAY HERE!!!

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This hotel is called the Intercontinental San Francisco Hotel (which is not the same one as Intercontinental Mark Hopkins, although they are within the same company). I stayed at this hotel on 11/19/10. I had checked this website prior to making reservations but did not see this hotel on the list. Only the address was listed which I did not see until after my stay. When I woke up in the morning, I felt an itch on my toe. I didn't think anything of it. Then I was bitten a total of 6 times (my toe

, legs, and arms). Although this hotel is new and very clean in appearance, there are definitely bed bugs. I hope someone can change the title of this hotel to Intercontinental San Francisco instead of leaving just an address to ensure no one will make the same mistake as me. I thought I was safe, but apparently I was wrong.

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Have stayed at this hotel, making the mistake a second time too. I got bitten on both occasions, even though the place is fairly new and cleaned impeccably. The staff were somewhat in denial, saying that there is no problem, on both occasions.

If you value your sanity, and don't want to risk transporting them home in your luggage, I would avoid this place, though beware, there are many other hotels, including one of the Hyatts, that have problems in downtown San Fran.

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