1000 Howard St
San Francisco, CA 94103-2807

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I moved to this building, to apartment #402. It was infested with bedbugs, and I was never told. On the first day, the bedbugs bit my 4-year-old son. I was not familiar with bedbugs, so I asked the managers about. They said he was probably bitten by flees... but a few days later, I was also horrible bitten.

I started catching the insects with tape. I caught like 10 per day.

They finally sent an exterminator three weeks later. They fumigated once and four weeks later, the bedbugs were

back, but the problem was worse; eggs have hatched and they were almost invisible. Since the building didn’t offer any solution to the problem, I called the City of San Francisco to complain and they sent an inspector. He confirmed that there was a common problem in that building, in the same floor, and he ordered three treatments with intervals of 2 weeks between them.

After the second treatment, I still had bedbugs, so I left. We lost everything: my new furniture, clothes, my son’s toys and books, appliances and what not. I couldn't freeze everything to save it nor putting it in the hot dryer. So we left.

I was surprised to learn that the problem was there before, since the managers said they didn't know anything about it, and that it was my fault. But the I was told by The City of San Francisco that the problem was also reported before by apartments 411 and 413.

so, in case you are thinking about going there, my recommendation is: RUN! as far as you can.

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