1855 15th St
San Francisco, CA 94103-2207

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I had bed bugs a year ago. The manager was quick to respond but o course denies the infestation. Now my 2 friends had bed bugs just this week. one of them is diabetic and blind and she was hospitalized from the bites and she also had them 10 years ago. This time they tried a new process of dry steam cleaning and I hope it helps them. The entire building needs to be treated and sadly from what the manager says some tenants will not comply with the process.

This building has had them for 8 years. My mother had them so bad and she is blind and has diabetes and neuropathy and the bites turned necrotic and she lost tissue from her breast. Housing refused to spray until I reported them to The Board of Supervisors. She had to throw out her bed they sprayed once.I have known now 8 people who had them in this building. I just had them 3 weeks ago and the management sprayed within 24 hours but I had to dump my bed and frame I am disabled and have spine dis

abilities and now sleep on a mattress I had to borrow money to get. I bought encasement for mattress and just had second spraying. However I know of at least one person who at a meeting revealed she refuses to allow housing spray her infested unit and she is leaving water with chili in it thinking that will help. The manager said she can't force anyone to comply with treatment but it will continue to be a problem until they do I don't know why the DPH can't force them to comply as a public hazard

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At least six apartments have been infested with bed bugs at this building in the last two years, probably more than that because I haven't heard about them all. My apartment was infested in late November 2009. I had to throw out my bed, recliner and at least 40 per cent of my belongings. The rest of my stuff was put into sealed black plastic bags, which will have to be kept sealed for at least a year as the bugs can live without eating for more than a year. I was terribly bitten. My landlord, Th

e San Francisco Housing Authority did have a professional company bomb my apartment four times, and after all this, I suspect I still have them. Since I reported this in Nov. 2009, I have heard of two more infestations in my building. One woman in my building passed away and when the coroner came to get her body…they discovered she had bedbugs.

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