1139 Market St
San Francisco, CA 94103-1513

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Budget Inn
1139 Market Street San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 864-9343
Rented a room sept.27 walked in the room bugs lot of bugs on the wall,bed and floor.the manger said there back all again so soon i called price line and got a refund

I can't believe it, I've always thought that bed-bugs were some kind of a joke. I've only heard the term in jokes!

I had a sleepless night on September 2012, itching and awake all night. I honestly thought that the bed was not properly clean as the hotel stinks. I had no choice because the parking was closed till 6am.

I finally woke up and my WHOLE back is red from top to bottom, my arm, and even my eye-brow. I suddenly found something crawling, took a picture, then googled how a bed bug l

ooks like. MATCH!

I have a video with two crawling on the bed. One is white and another is dark red full of my blood :(

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ive been here for 3 sleepless nights, the place is infested, dont stay here, if anything could make a person want to start a good old fashioned killing spree, i think it would be unknowingly paying good money to be fed to the real residents, the terror bugs, helpless in the bed your a human buffet

I moved into the hotel on July 28, and have been bitten every night for the three weeks I was there.

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