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We started getting bit @ 11/6/2011 and as of 1/25/2012 and many treatments later we still find itchy welts. Dewey pest control has been here many times in the last three months for many issues, but because they can not find any evidence of the bugs or their eggs that my problems should be resolved. I was not reimbursed for any of the expenses. I will never rent from Lem/Ray First Apartments aka City Apartments again.

Like so many others, I have never, ever experienced bed bugs. My story is very similar to everyone else's here. I don't currently live in this building but lived there from 2010 to 2011. Soon after moving in, my partner and I began experiencing bites. I didn't think anything of it until it just started getting worse and worse.

Unlike the other people here, the manager and management company was actually very good about it. They quickly sent in a pest control person (who they paid) and fo

llowed up actually regularly for about a month. I did provide my own encasements and did have to wash and dry clean everything in my apartment twice, which was a great expense. However, in the end, I was happy to finally get rid of the bed bugs.

I would definitely not live here. It seems like all the neighbors I spoke with had issues with bed bugs. This definitely leads me to believe that there is a larger problem that needs to be resolved but, for whatever reason, it hasn't gotten resolved. So, chances are, if you move in here, you will get bed bugs.

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My sons just moved into this building in June 2011...and when I came to visit them on 04 July, he had welts upon welts upon welts...arms, legs, back. OMG it's just nasty. AND the other son saw a mouse about a week ago. Affordable housing?? sure but I wouldn't let my enemys stay there. Hope I can get the sons outta there soon. In the meantime, I'm sending spray, and encasements.


What spray do you use?


i got rid of the problem, myself. it cost 1000 which they refunded almost the entire amount. its been months since i had a bite.

mine was very minor and caught early but here is what i did to help people:

1. i bought 'caulk' and sealed between the molding and hardwood floors where they were coming in

2. i made sure each and every power outlet was completely covered

3. i purchased high quality bed bug spray

4. i bought top of the line encasement and got ri

d of the box spring which had been encased but i wanted it out of here

5. i sealed all of my clothes

6. 2 times per week, though its impossible for any creature to get in here i spray the floors in case any eggs/bugs are lurking.

they are invisible at first (remember this) and only in their 4th stage of life can they produce eggs/reproduce. when they are this size, they are visible otherwise you might not see them. so its important to me to ensure this never happens again. it takes 4 hours per week and costs an extra 30+ per month in apt expenses.

blessings to all.


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september-beginning of october, 2010.

first, let me preface this review with the following:

i am a clean person, and not the type of person who anyone would ever think *might get bed bugs.

but the problem is this building, has or had an infestation.

anyway, about 4 weeks ago i noticed i was getting bites on my leg at night. at first, i thought it was from a spider or something as mosquitoes don't really live in SF.. but then when it kept happening i started to realize *maybe it was

a bed bug.

so anyway, i had been told by other residents of this building that there had been 'ongoing' issues but i thought that no way it could happen to me.

wrong. i ended up purchasing a mattress encasement, and when i was putting it on yesterday night, i saw 2 bed bugs clinging to my bed. furthermore, over the last couple of weeks i have this one 'larger' bed bug scurrying around when i turn out the lights.. its really big for a bed bug.

well, i ended up sealing every crack in this place, in addition to treating it myself. i hope it works or i am going to have to move...

turns out, these things travel through walls, and while i did not know it at the foot of my bed was a plug in unit, and upon further inspection i found that it did not have a 'bottom' on it leaving a nearly 2x4 inch hole that allowed these suckers to get in. i have sealed literally every crack in this place, or else i am afraid the infestation would get out of control

my advice, if you decide to read this before moving in.. inspect your apartment.. make sure everything works, tell them you read the reviews where people reported bed bugs. its an affordable building, and pet friendly -- but with all of the other annoyances, this is seriously unacceptable if these people who manage the place have known about the problems for so long.

they should be warning folks.. but i guess if they won't i will.

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bed bug infestation in my apartment. it took me going to the citiapartments office and showing them my welts to get a response. it took them a full week to get an exterminator out there, when the legal response time is 72 hours. it amazed me that they didn't have a relationship with a pest control company seeing as they own hundreds of buildings in the city. i too got the direction to just hire someone and take the expense off my rent, but i refused to do this and made them hire someone directly

. the manager knows nothing about bed bug issues and has left tons of infested furniture in the basement that will surely only prolong the problem in the building. a few months after the first treatment, they are back, so now i have to try to get another spraying. tedious...

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I just moved in a month ago, and I got bit the first night I got here. The apartment manager insisted that I pay a private exterminator and that I would get renters credit back for doing so. But well I payed for the exterminator and that very night, I got bit more than ever, and worst of all I found them in my bed. Usually you are not supposed to see them at all. So I nearly went insane. They said that the pesticide is supposed to work in a few days, so I went to stay with my friends for a "few

days" almost a week. I came back with an open mind, it will be different. First night I got back, welts returned. I'm supposed to get pest control in here again tomorrow, but I have a feeling they are just going to take my money an run again. Also, the apartment manager keeps deferring me from calling CitiAparments directly. It's like he doesn't want me to let them know, like they would tell me, oh by the way that apartment was infested to begin with. Or we don't care, it's your fault. I've never had bed bugs before I moved here, nor have I been bit. But it seems so suspicious that the second I move here, I get eaten alive.

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I lived here for 3 years and was infested twice and received notices for bedbugs at least 6 times. CitiApartments NEVER covered my losses in including my bed and hundreds of dollars of property.

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