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I realized I had bedbugs after I helped my ex girlfriend move out of her place and I believe I brought them over to my building on my clothing or bag. She had gotten them from the UHaul rented from the Bryant Street location and all the sudden had only adult bedbugs at her place. The second I got a bite, I knew what it was since I had seen hers. I called my landlord and thankfully, he was really on top of it. He immediately provided me with some diatomaceous earth and gave me pointers on how to

wash things. He had pest control come in ASAP and treat the area and they are coming for consecutive treatments to make sure they get any that hatch. I have one more treatment to go and I have not gotten any more bites since before the second treatment. It really makes a difference when you have a good landlord that treats it before it gets out of control!

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