15 Hermann St
San Francisco, CA 94102-6226

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Regarding the anonymous report on 10/2015: the bug in question turned out to be a beetle, not a bedbug. No bedbugs were found by our pest service. I was the Resident Manager of this building at the time. This was a false alarm.

I was away for a week due to sickness. I have a basenji (known to hunt out bedbugs), a memory foam mattress and pillows, and all of my clothes were with me being washed by Mom. When I returned, I turned on the bathroom light and saw a bedbug on the sink scurrying away. I quickly sprayed it with Lysol til it stopped moving and took a photograph. I called the building manager who also photographed it, then bagged it in a ziploc and took it for examination by an exterminator.

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