222 Haight St
San Francisco, CA 94102-6127

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I used to live in apt 3 at this location. Lived there for close to 5 years. The last year, my girlfriend started getting bit like crazy and we thought it was fleas or mosquitos but upon further investigation we discovered it was bed bugs. The terminator cam on several occasions and the problem didnt go away and in the end we had to move and be VERY VERY careful to check ever single item that we brought with us. THE worst move Ive ever had to deal with.
Anyways. We suspected that they wer

e coming from the downstairs neighbors but I also suspect it to be a full on infestation in the building itself. Like, in the walls. Because I found ones in random places (like my medecine cabinet) that bedbug usually dont hang out.
My friend lived directly on the other side of the wall from me and when I told him about the problem he freaked out, checked his bed and sure enough he found one.
Be careful if you are planning on moving into this complex. There's a lot of section 8 units in the building including our downstairs neighbors who always had various random people coming in and out of their house and were always pulling in anything (items furniture) from the street which are all ways that bedbugs can travel.

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