41 Octavia Blvd
San Francisco, CA 94102-5712

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Additional correction. The last reported sighting was November 2009.

Correction for prior report. Only two units in the building reported bed bugs.

There had never been a report of bed bugs in the building before the first effected tenants who had moved in a few months before. These tenants arranged for their own pest control without notifying the owner.  The owner was out of the country but had a contact person who found out about it after the fact. When the owner returned the tenants wanted to break their lease and move elsewhere.  The owner allow this, a

llowed the tenant to abandon some of their furniture in the apartment and paid for the pest control bill. After these tenants moved the owner have the neighboring apartment inspected for bed bugs and the empty apartment was re-inspection. None were found.  

About a  month after the first tenants left one tenant in another unit found a few bed bugs and the owner had that unit successfully treated. All the tenants in the building were notified, given literature to educate them about this pest and any apartments that wanted an inspection was inspected. None were found. We waited several months and reinspected before we rented the first effected unit to insure the apartment was clear. No bugs were found.

No additional bed bugs have been found as of January 2011.

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In April of 2010, there was a major bed bug infestation of the whole building. The owner denied it, even after we had bug samples and Orkin confirming. After we moved out (with little to no help from the owners, who actually threatened to sue US), we found out through ex-neighbors that the entire building had become infested.

Not sure that anything was done about it.

No nearby bug reports