171 Fell St
San Francisco, CA 94102-5106

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I live in a residence hotel (SRO) in San Francisco, California, which is badly infested with bedbugs. The owner refuses to take any responsiblity in dealing with this problem and simply instructs tenants to stop bringing furniture and clothes into the hotel from outside.

Management takes the position that the bedbugs are the tenants responsibility to deal with.

I am disabled and often spend extensive periods of time in my room recovering from infections or suffering from fatigue related t

o taking my medications.

Because no effort was made to assist me in getting rid of the bedbugs once I reported them to hotel management, I suffered a period of several months where bug bites took forever to heal since I was unable to remove myself from this unhealthy environment. My doctor was very concerned about the issue and was amazed that management would not act to resolve the problem. I now have many scars all over my body due to the extended time required for the bites to heal.

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