320 Turk St
San Francisco, CA 94102-3704

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I've been here for 12 years and had only a couple of instances where bed bugs were an issue. Both times came from a tennent who was throwing out a mattress (and no I'm not making this up) that was covered in the criters easily 50 or so. Since they travel once disturbed I'm not surprised they wound up in different apartments including mine. So I bombed the place . Raid seems to work well and have only seen them one other time. The trick is to bomb every few months. Wash linens often in hot water

and vacuum once a week. The downside is that I still sleep with a nightlight. Great apartment and location

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I moved into this building about a year ago. Recently, my friends started complaining of rashes. About three weeks later, I spotted bed bugs. I had to go online and research... I've never had this issue. The LL is going to exterminate but it doesn't sound like that worked for the previous reviewer.

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I lived in 320 Turk Street for 3 years. The owners of this building are very courteous and hardworking. I lived in apartment 207 and I never had any trouble with bedbags. In fact once a month Clarks pest control would come on the third week of every month two service my apartment and I would decline the service because I never had a problem. Lots of times many people who do not pay their rent and face eviction make up false accusations and being a former tenant at 320 turk street who always

paid my rent on time I never had a problem and I loved being there. I live in Ogden, Utah now and I really miss San Francisco Ca. Would I move to 320 Turk Street again if I moved to San Francisco. You bet I would awesome apartment and it's so worth it.

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I lived in this apt. building for two years. They didn't show up for a year. Almost a year to the day of move in my gf started complaining about bites. I didn't have any, so I blew her off. Four or five months later my sister complained after her visit. I set up a sting operation where I stayed up all night to catch the "fleas or spiders" and found dozens of these roach-like creeps in my sheets. Did online resarch, called my landlord, he sprayed, and said i "must have picked them up in dolores p

ark, or from my new vintage pants". After that I started talking to my building aquaintences about the embarassing incedent. To my suprise 3 other tennants had the bedbugs. That building is infested and no matter how much they spray they will always come back! I was SUPER anal about washing and drying everything in that apt. I finally decided to move out. On my actual moving out date I found 3 more bedbugs alive, on my NEW headboard purchased after the exterminations. It is an awesome apt, but it's not worth it.

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