324 Larkin St
San Francisco, CA 94102-3613

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Moved into the apartment July 1, 2013 and have been getting numerous bites all over my body, especially my feet and legs. This was during the warmer weeks so I just thought they were mosquito bites, plus, my roommates weren't getting any bites. My body started to get an allergic reaction to the bug bites and I soon started to realize they were not mosquito bites. Inspector came in to check for bed bugs but found nothing. I was continuously getting bites and found out the unit below us in fact di

d have bed bugs and was going to be treated for it. My apartment was finally treated and found a bed bug. I myself found 3 dead bed bugs inside sealed clothing bags and around my room. So far, I've had about 30-40 bites since I moved in.

Even after the first treatment, I was still getting bed bug bites. 8, to be specific. Will not sleep there again and have been seeking shelter at friend's.

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Several units in this building were treated for bed bugs a couple of weeks ago and the problem still exists as the exterminator is being sent back to treat these units again as well as a couple of additional units again this week. As far as I can tell this building has had bed bug problems for years and they never really go away.

The upstairs neighbors had bedbugs for over a month, and started DIY treatment which made things worse. We live downstairs from them and we found one bedbug on the same day as their second professional treatment. Not sure if they were already present in our apartment or if they had escaped the treatment above. Now our first treatment will be this Monday. 12/06/2010

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