168 Hyde St
San Francisco, CA 94102-3606

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Just moved into a studio apt on the 3rd floor in June. Discovered that the unit was infested with bedbugs. They were in my bathroom, the wall cracks, mattress, pillows... Everywhere. I complained to Roman, the owner, and he sent a PCO out 3 days later and I didn't hear anything afterward. I thought, "ok just once is enough then." Come to find out that the SFDPH requires a minimum of 3 treatments. Nobody told me that and here I am laying in bed only to get bitten all over again. I complained a se

cond time, then Roman says "They have to do 3 visits." Why would he have me stay in an infested room if the treatments aren't complete yet??? It's obvious that bedbugs have been an issue in this building for quite some time now, and it is no surprise given the way that Roman is handling the situation. For example, I asked my neighbors whether they had been notified of the problem in my unit and if Roman had scheduled for their units to be inspected (as required by the regulation). They hadn't. If one unit is treated but neighboring units aren't how is that going to solve anything? I am forced to leave because it is not fit for habitation at this point. If you plan on moving here I'd think twice.

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Ewwwww.... I found a bedbug on my pillow last night, and when I went online, confirmed it was a bed bug and inspected my bed found many more hiding around the mattress. I'm so grossed out. Now I'm dealing with the EXTREME pain in the ass of getting rid of them.

Apartment building is extremely infested on the third floor, and had a few of them travel up to my apartment on the fourth floor. Took me four months to find them all and kill them. Thank god I got out of there! Tenderloin is a bad neighborhood for bedbugs. The worst part about them is if you are allergic to the bites, the more you get bit, the worse your reaction will get. My leg was so swollen. And our landlord (Roman) is a complete asshole, didn't help with the situation.

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