155 Hyde St
San Francisco, CA 94102-3605

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I moved into this building 2/13/10. On the morning of 2/14/10, I woke up with bug bites on my face and upper arms. I brushed it off as spiders that I may have disturbed while moving. The next night, same thing. Night after night, I would wake up with bites on my face, arms, neck and shoulders. I few times I was bit on the eyelid and my eye swelled shut. I missed work a few times because of this. I saw my doctor who was careful not to diagnose bedbugs because the bites did not first appear in the

usual three bite form. For me, they were huge welts. Oddly enough my husband is not effected by the bedbugs. That's not to say he did not get bit. All along I did not know what was causing our problem. It wasn't until my husband woke up in the middle of the night and turned on the light that we saw our first bedbug crawling back into a dark crease in the sheets. I was already afraid to go to bed but then I was really afraid. Upon closer inspection, the side of my side of the mattress was dotted with little red/brown spots and the floorboards had the same markings on them. A couple of times I tried to sleep on the kitchen table or fall asleep on the toilet. What a nightmare.
When I approached the landlord with a bedbug on a peice of ductape, my landlord accused me of bringing them to the unit. It turns out that floors 4, 5 and 6 have or have had bedbug infestations. When I moved into this unit, I was attacked that very night.
My landlord did purchase mattress covers and have the unit sprayed. The exterminator he called was worthless. Throughout my tenancy, I presented him with receipts for boric acid (for roaches) and what finally worked, JT Eaton Bedbug Spray (the red one). We ductaped the area between the carpet and the floorboards and sprayed everything with rubbing alcohol. I would even go to bed with eucalyptus oil (yuck) because it is supposed to have incect repelant properties. I would vacuum every day. We would erradicate them for about a month and they would just come back. I was told it was because an adjoining unit may have kept reinfecting our unit.
We moved out in September. We left our bed and mattress. We bagged all of our clothes and spent a fortune at the laundermat heating everything in the dryers.

The Tenderloin neighborhood is absolutely infested. If you have bedbugs, move.

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