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I moved in 2/2/13. The next night my skin became itchy. I have seen a few tiny bugs, but nothing I have identified. The itching has become worse over the week I have been there. I just called the manager and complained. He informed me the previous tenant complained of bed bugs multiple times and it was treated multiple times in the few months she lived there. I really feel that this should have been disclosed before I moved in. I am now contantly itching and very uncomfortable. This is a huge an

d costly inconvenience I really wish I would have investigated more fully before moving into the building and neighborhood.

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If you have a problem with bedbugs at 225 Hyde St please email [email protected] and I will have the issue taken care of asap. Just be sure to put Bed Bugs in the subject field.

A month or so ago I saw a full-sized one crawling on the bed... though further exploration netted no evidence of the critters.. we did seem to get weird bites sometimes but, seems like our unit on the 4th floor is okay.

Working on a news story about bedbugs in the tenderloin! Would love to interview someone....

here's my email: [email protected]

Since you guys have all shared your story here, I would like to just get a quote for my story. This building has had a problem for a few years.

If anyone at this address would like to discuss the bed bug issue, possibly devise a way to approach the management, or just commiserate feel free to contact me: [email protected]

Thanks and best of luck to you.

I have been seeing them lately. It started out with what I thought were hives from a food sensitivity. I found a couple on my bed one night and looked them up on the internet and that explained everything; itchy red spots = bed bugs.

I have been living here for 3 years and this is my first encounter with the critters. I've been doing my best to keep the area clean, and have been dusting the bed and sleeping area with diatomaceous earth. So far, the bites seem to be subsiding, but not 10


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Yes, an infestation can definitely be confirmed in this building. I do believe SF has new regulations pertaining specifically to bed bug infestations, so something really needs to be done at this point. When you have 5 apartments and counting reporting this, you can be sure the little buggers are spreading like wildfire and truly could become a health concern and serious nuisance.

Oh wow, if I suspected having them before, I know it now :( I used to wonder why my pajama tops had so many blood spots on the back of the collar, but now I can confirm it is bed bugs. I just cleaned under my bed and threw out a bunch of stuff, but don't know if that will help. Unfortunately I work at home sometimes, and see the babies on my bed crawling towards me during the day!

It's not likely anything will be done about it in this building as there is a history of neglect where these iss

ues are concerned. Also, I suppose one cannot expect to be treated as a human with any rights when one is unfortunate enough to live in the 'wrong' neighborhood. I feel for my fellow tenants and hope the issue doesn't escalate. But if it does, we may actually see some justice, as the health department may intervene. And it is not just poor people who get infestations by the way...

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I had an outbreak a few months ago where I was getting bitten multiple times every night. After multiple treatments, I still see and get bit occasionally. It's nowhere near what it use to be but they're still here. I've learned to tolerate the occasional bites while I look for another place.

3/27/10 8:30A.M.
Just found one of the little bastards crawling in the bathtub, of all places.I've been here for years, and this is the first time I've seen one. Having seen the previous report here, it's good to know the manager has seen fit to warn the tenants. Or not.

3/27/10 8:30A.M.

#205 03/05/10: I started seeing bedbugs about a month and a half after I moved here this past September. I saw two on the carpet and was suspicious even though I didn't know what they were yet. I finally got a clue when I saw a third one crawling toward me while I was sitting in bed working on my laptop (ugh, shiver). Then I lifted up my mattress and there were 7 or 8 of them clinging to the bottom of my mattress. Have seen many more since, even though the problem has not been "severe." I did a

bunch of research on these things-- have eyes like a hawk when it comes to spotting bedbugs now. They are elusive and sneaky, and *extremely* difficult to get rid of. I've noticed that the awareness level here (in the US) seems pretty low, but I am hoping that will change since it is becoming a significant problem again. But if you want to really effectively get rid of them it's a pretty big production. And at the very least the units next to, across from, above and below you should be treated at the same time, but ideally the entire building (not likely at my address). The building manager has been compliant with me when I asked that my unit be treated (3 times now), but I recently found out for sure that he has been dishonest with me about the extent of the problem in the building and how much he has been doing to deal with it. He lied to me when I asked him if my neighbors had seen any. He said only two other tenants in the entire 6 floor building have complained, and that he asked my immediate neighbors and they said no, they haven't seen any. Then I started asking around-- not so, many people in the building have, including the person who lives across the hall, the one above me, and a second wave of bugs started invading my apartment after the guy next door to me moved out. I also found out that the guy who used to live in my unit moved out *because* he had bedbugs and couldn't deal anymore, so there were probably still some in here when I moved in. The manager has also tried to make people think that they brought them in themselves, as well as insisting that no one else has complained. My neighbor across the hall finally got his requests for pest control treatment met, and I had been pestering the manager about doing that for awhile before it finally happened. Haven't seen any for about a week and a half now...I didn't see any for 2 weeks once awhile back. That doesn't mean they are gone, and there's no question the whole building is having an infestation problem, even if it hasn't reached all floors yet. I am going to basically live out of plastic bags as much as possible for 6 weeks or so to keep those little vampires out of my stuff!

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