449 O'farrell St
San Francisco, CA 94102-2009

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July-August dealing with a bed bug infestation that when I informed the Laramar management, they didn't even alert the resident manager about the situation let alone the other units. It is imperative that the other units also be treated, as this epidemic seemed to occur in a month's time. I thought it was mosquitos and so did the PCO, until he came out the second time when I saw bed bugs flutter across my pillow case. It destroyed 500 bucks worth of linen. had over 40 bites on my arms and lets.

I have isolated my mattress and because I am OCD clean, it hasn't been a big deal to control. Our building is pet friendly and there is carpeting in the building so lots of places for these pests to hide. This is worse than getting a STD, it is really hard and expensive to treat, and now I can't have people over, I'm a socially and physically quarantined. SF needs to address this, and give people cases free of charge to contain this epidemic. I thought this was only in nursery rhymes before last month!

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