424 Ellis St
San Francisco, CA 94102-1928

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There are still bed bugs here. They are in the public places. The on site manager is very nice and quick to handle the problem. But there is still a problem. Just be on your a-game of you move you move in.

I moved in on 5/31 at about 10PM. Was moving out on 6/1 by 10AM... I'm still traumatized by this...

It was a long day, I was very excited to blow up my air mattress and get cozy with a book. By the time I got to the point of being able to do this it was nearly 2 AM.

Being naturally paranoid, I was looking down at my sheets every so often, either cause I thought I felt something like crawling bugs, or an itch, or whatever. I swear, not 20 minutes after laying on that air mattress, I look d

own and find about 10 MATURE bed bugs coming right for me, crawling all around by my legs!!

Mortified, I jump up, freak out about the fact I just committed myself to a year of this via lease, and sit in the bath tub with my smart phone, crying and researching about the horrific, basically uncontrollable nightmare known as bedbugs..

I sit there for a solid 6 hours until it's a decent enough hour for me to call my leasing agent, explain to her what happened, and two hours later I was on my way out of there...

I had to throw out all my boxes, luggage, andything that I couldn't spray with the professional grade bed bug spray or put in the washer and dryer on high heat...

Lucky for me I had no furniture other than that air mattress...

I'm not trying to be mean, but I would HIGHLY suggest not moving here... I'm pretty sure this whole building is infested (there are piles of abandoned furniture and things in the basement... Thinking about it still gives me chills...)

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I just moved into this building. Within less than two weeks I've discovered the room I moved into already has a bedbug infestation which was not disclosed to me. If you're considering moving in (o, the allure of cheap rent), know that bedbugs WILL become a part of your life in this building. I never thought it would happen to me.

I lived in this building for many many years and only last year was my apartment finally invaded by bedbugs. My apartment is immaculate and free of clutter and I never ever bring in found objects. All things I thought would keep any pests out. I always knew about the roaches and the mice but never about the bed bugs until I stumbled across beds and junk thrown in the basement blocking the elevator. I wondered why people where moving and ditching their furniture. Then someone wrote "Do Not Touc

h- Bed Bugs!"

I was attacked by these bed bugs for over a month. I even went to my doctor because I thought it was an allergy I had. Even she didn't know it was bed bug bites.

Late one night I was sitting on the carpeted floor playing with my cat when I bug walked across my foot. I freaked and killed it. I looked at it and had no clue what the heck it was. The next night same thing except I noticed that these bugs were coming toward me and my cat. When I killed one on a white piece of paper there was blood and I was grossed out. I Googled bugs and bloodsuckers and bingo a picture of the bugs I was finding. Bed bugs easy to catch, difficult to get rid off.

I informed the manager and he immediately had an unlicensed pest control company spray my apartment and my belongs. The spray did nothing. I did some online research and found every bit of info about bed bugs and ending up buying a product that was pet safe and human safe but would kill the bed bugs and the eggs. There is nothing worse then becoming paranoid because of these stupid little bugs.

The management did and has continued to do nothing about the problem. I am friendly with both the assistant and manager and neither has any clue of what to do and what the State of CA requires them to do.

My apartment had been bed bug free for almost two years until tonight. And I was angry before now I'm livid. I actually waited two years and bought and expense new mattress and bed-frame and there are blood spots and begs in them. The Benjamin Arms and Meridan Management who owns the building are going down- tomorrow I calling the state health department and filing a complaint. I will also file a complaint with the city of San Franciso because the manager and management company know there is an infestion and have not taken proper steps to end it and they do not tell people looking to rent here that there re bed bugs on every floor and that their likely to catch them too.

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Yes - me too. I was barely living there a month (winter 2008) and I got bit. I captured the bug and sure enough, a bed bug. I told management, and it turns out the asst manager and manager who live there have had bed bugs. They said the best way to get rid of them is to spray around your bed and then using yourself as "bait" you can kill them. NO THANKS!! The asst manager has a bed bug sticky strip on the entry of his door!! you pay MONEY TO RENT THERE? WHA? Needless to say I had to wash ever

ything and mark the rest for bedbug disposal. AND MOVE. I lost everything. People, please!!! You must take care of this problem or it spreads! DO not throw ANYTHING in the street unless marked!! Call for help from the health dept. !!! We don't want to become like nyc!!!! And report the issues here so there is a record!!!

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I lived in Benjamin Arms for six months from 2006 to 2007. My boyfriend and I noticed small bites on our ankles and thought they were fleas. One morning, I woke up and saw a large bed bug crawling on my comforter.

I immediately went to the assistant manager, who lied about the infestation. THEN ADMITTED that he had bedbugs in his apartment. That the manager had bedbugs in his apartment! That my neighbor had bedbugs in his apartment......Then, the assistant manager advised me to keep thi

s quiet...that I didn't know what kind of people I was dealing with.

I LOST EVERYTHING! I threw everything away....I did not live in the apartment for over a month while I found another place to live. THANK GOD the bedbugs did not come with me. It WAS A NIGHTMARE!

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I lived in this apartment complex for a year. After about 7 months, in June/July of 2007, I started noticing bumps on my skin that I figured were spider bites. They would take weeks to disappear, were incredibly itchy, and I was absolutely lost as to where they were coming from. I hadn\'t seen any spiders at all. After someone tipped me off to the bed bug problems in the Tenderloin I decided to do some research. Eventually I woke up one night and found one biting me. It freaked me out. I didn\'

t know what to do. I found more in my pillow case and on the comforter. I stopped spending as much time in my apartment and stayed with my boyfriend. On nights he was out of town I would stay up all night, hoping they wouldn\'t bite me. When I did drift off, I would awake suddenly and check myself for bed bugs.

I decided to throw it all away and move.

I don\'t doubt they are still lurking in the apartment.

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