676 Geary St
San Francisco, CA 94102-1647

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5/7/11 Had been waking up with bites and flipped my mattress today to find an infestation in the box spring

Is there an update on this address. What about the tenant? Where does one find out if the property is clean and safe?

In July my son and I have been getting bitten regularly. reported to the Landlord and manager to send pest control. Nothing has been done and I have thrown out almost everything and continue to do pest control on my own and weekly lanudry consistently. I spray almost every day and have purchased more tham 200 dollars in new bedding and mattress vinyl coverings and new pillows and pillow covers. We have hard wood flooring but the carpet I had laid out I encased in plastic. I have heard other tena

nts have been getting bitten and the landlord has not sprayed at all. I have two cats but would like to be relocated while they fumigate. Our landlord is Laramar Urban.

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