1417 North Rialto Avenue
Colton, CA 92324

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My name is Victoria and a year ago I didn't know bedbugs were real. I have only heard of bedbugs in the bedtime saying, "sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite". I was introduced to bedbugs in April 2014. My sister, her young kids, and I moved into the Four Season Apartments (located in Colton CA) in Nov of 2013. The area I live in is low income, my apartments are run down and over 50 years old. We had been living in our apartment for 5 months when we started to get little bites every now and t

hen. We figured it was baby spiders or mosquitoes, but the bites were not the right bites for either of those. My sister and I and the kids were all now getting aggressively bitten and we still didn't know what it was. One day I was laying on the livingroom floor on a pallet of blankets when I saw a weird looking bug I never seen before. I looked up the bug online and found out they were called bedbugs and there was no way to get rid of them. Our fight with bedbugs is literally a war. We are liveing in world war 3 right now and its not just my apartment. My sister and I and the kids get bit multiple times a day and night. It is impossible to go to sleep at night because you feel them crawling on you and the bites itch so bad! We have been living with this for a year. The kids get sick all the time and they are throwing up randomly. I was told the bedbugs don't carry diseases but recently I did more research on them and found that they do carry a disease and if you have been bit then you most likely have the disease. I have been bit everywhere on my body. I can lay down and 5 minutes later I'm getting bit multiple times in that area all at once. We have tried EVERYTHING ! when we told our apartment manager she called someone to spray but he for one came hours late then he sprayed but it was affective for maybe two days before they came back. We found out we were not the only ones who had them. Our neighbors living under us and next to us had them. When we sprayed the bugs went down to them then they bombed their apartment so they came right back up. We been through 2 couches and one bed. We had to put them by our dumpster and since then and even before that there has been furniture at the dumpster every week that our neighbors from all around our apartments are throwing away because of the bugs. Our manager doesn't live in our apartments so she doesn't understand how big of a problem we have, she doesn't care. Everybody living in these apartments are too scared to say anything or report this epidemic because the owner of our apartments will kick is out. We are living in danger right now, our kids are in danger and its not right. The bugs are in our clothes and shoes, our blankets and hair. When we go out somewhere my sister would see a bug crawling on me or one of the kids. At one point my niece school called us asking questions about my niece because she has itchie red marks all over her arm. We can't deal with this anymore. Its not safe these apartments need to be torn down and the foundation its on need to get burned. I live in the four season apartments in Colton Ca off Mt Vernon. DO NOT MOVE INTO THESE APARTMENTS!! THE MANAGER WILL NOT TELL YOU ABOUT THE SERIOUS PROBLEM WE HAVE HERE. It may be cheap here and really easy and fast move in but it's not worth it. Bedbugs is only one of the many issues with these apartments. I was surprised nobody has registered this place already but doing it now and hopefully it helps.

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