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We recently discovered a bed bug infestation. (August 2009) Apparently, they came in from our neighbors, who had recently and suddenly moved out - mid-month. We seem to have caught the problem early, and management has contracted for Pest Control to service our apartment. Unfortunately, the problem persists. We will be taking measures into our own hands and treat our belongings with steam and Diatomaceous Earth (fossil powder). We have disposed of our mattress and recliner, but hope to sav

e our sofa. We are moving out this month, and will do whatever is necessary to not bring the infestation with us to our new home. Also, we have a baby boy, so dealing with this problem has been overwhelming, inconvenient, expensive and exhausting. Management has been willing to work with us, but I wonder if they appreciate the full scope of the problem. Currently, the apartment units on either side of us are vacant. I hope that they will be able to control

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