333 G St
San Diego, CA 92101-6919

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I have lived in this building for almost 2 years.It is kept up and in very good shape.Yes, there is a bed bug epidemic but I have none and they inspect EVERY unit every 2 months and it is under control.The management is excellent and they care....I have a beautiful unit up high with a million dollar view..any repairs are taken care of asap and it is a wonderufl place to live!

There has been ongoing infestation at this building Horton House, 333 G Street, San Diego, CA 92101. They have had them for years! This building offers subsidized (and, in my opinion, substandard housing). They do not adequately treat units. I know someone who lived there and got them, essentially did not sleep in apt for 10+ months went back there and got bit again! This person also lived in another unit (after this one) and this unit also needed to be treated multiple times for bedbugs. M

any residents have had them there. The management frequently will initially try to blame mosquitos. BTW, I was bit at this property by bedbugs too. Also, the infestation was so bad in the first apartment my friend lived in that they ripped out baseboards, etc. and treated apt. again---to no avail, the next tenant reported having bedbugs too. Most of the residents there are elderly an/or disabled. We talked to government agency and they did not seem to intervene.

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