1805 El Cerrito Place
Los Angeles, CA 90068

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We captured 3 individual Bed Bugs inside our apartment. One person in our unit was bitten repeatedly night after night. Just below us on the next floor down the person in that unit was bitten repeatedly as well and that person also captured several bed bugs in that unit. We did a full clean out, put everything we didn't want to throw out in giant ziplock bags and sealed them with tons of tape just to be sure, and put them in a storage unit in the valley where the 120 degree weather this summer w

ill kill any possible remaining bugs or eggs. We steamed everything top to bottom and sealed all cracks with clear silicone, to block entry of new ones, and basically disposed of just about everything that was soft that we didn't absolutely have to keep. So, we were able to get rid of them completely probably because they migrated from another unit and we caught the first few that got in, HOWEVER, they are IN THE BUILDING. Some construction in a nearby unit seemed to have brought them out of the woodwork and they were apparently looking for a new place to land. I have heard others in the building have had them but no one wants to talk about it. We got them out of our unit, but I know for a fact they are in the building and that is disturbing, like knowing a hoard of zombies are just outside your door waiting for you to make a mistake so they can get in and eat you alive. The management does NOTHING, zero and does not give a rip on any level so talking to them is useless. The end game here is to GET OUT and that is the best measure to take if you are in a building that has them. Early detection is the key. We were lucky for now, but live in constant fear of them getting back in.

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