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Since you are what they want (they're bloodsuckers), I used myself as bate. Fortunately they were only in my room, having come home from my office in my purse. I covered my body with sweats, socks and long gloves and put nontoxic pest repellent on my neck and face. I slept on top of my spread and put a ring around the perimeter of the bedspread of boric acid. I sprayed a nontoxic orange oil big killer on my carpet and on the mattress sides. I was bitten a couple a few times thereafter, but in ti

me I suffered no further bites, so I called off the hunt for the red bedbug. The little buggers had to crawl over the boric acid to get to their breakfast, lunch and dinner (they always bite 3 times in a row) and, in doing so, crawled over the poison that eroded them from within. This was last summer so it was warm enough to sleep on top of the spread for weeks.

In my quest to find a solution, I read that spraying the place to kill them just chases them into other areas/apartments and ultimately they could come back to get you. With that information at hand, I decided to become the bait in the bed-bug trap to spare my other roommates the same problem I was experiencing. In fact, I never told them of the problem as I did not want to alarm them. If one had shown up in their bed, I would have. Fortunately, they were eradicated right there in my room!!

My suggestion, cover your apartment and furniture with boric acid. It is harmless to you and pets. Put it behind, on and in everything (drawers too). They will stay close to where you are as you are their meal - so start with that area as your battle ground. Boric acid is inexpensive, but I'd give the bill to the building owner and suggest he buy a lot of it for the other tenants' units.

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I live on the 1st floor of a three story building. In early June my roomate and i started to notice that after the people directly above us moved out we started to get roaches and strange bites all over our bodies. We self treated for the roaches and were sucessful, however we were still getting bites. We assumed that they were misquitos bites. Until July 31st my roomate phoned me to tell me she laying down and saw a bug crawl out from under the pillow. She looked it up on the internet and found

it to be a bedbug. We were horrified. We let the apartment manager know what was happening. I asked him if there had been a bug problem upstairs in the unit above us as we had noticed the problem with in a few days of those tenants leaving. He responce was " i know there was some sort of infestation in that unit but i was not really involved that was somethimg the owner was handeling". We later found out that the manager was fully aware of this problem(Bedbugs) as he forwarded us an email from his personal account with the instruction for preperation that was dated June 1, 2010 for treatment on June 3, 2010 for the unit directly above us. We have now had to throw out almost all of our belongings. I spoke to the pest control company and confrimed that they did treat that unit. I asked them what there follow up / policy was when treating apartments. They told me there policy was to inspect all surronding unit with adjoining walls. My unit was never inspected. No one can tell me why. Now they want to give me $500 for a new sofa and replace my mattresses with an additional $500 for moving expences. That does not even come close to what it will cost to replace our items. The management has asked us not to speak to any of the other tenants reguarding the bedbug problem. This has caused not only physical but emontional scarring. We can not begin to tell you how this has impacted every aspect of our lives. My children cannot come to my home for fear of infesting there fathers home. We worry about infesting work, friends, and families homes. We feel stuck. The have treated 2 times both times the pest control company has stated that this problem cannot elimanted as we have lamanit floors. So we can't leave and the bugs are not going anywhere. We don't know what to do... We have been paying rent 2 out of the three months of this infestation. How can they knowingly do this to someone? I would not wish this on my worst enemny. Please help

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