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Ive never encountered a bedbug bite, prior to 07/11/12 (when I reported the incident) I had gotten a few bites that got really swollen but I thought they were spider bites, or mosquito bites. My son also got a few bites and later had a rash from them, thats when I had to ask management to check my apt. Turn out it was bed bugs, if anyone has ever dealt with this issue, its a pain in the butt!! you are basically asked to pack up your entire place as if you were moving out. I looked up informati

on on this building ( a little too late!) and found that it had a history with bedbugs (i wish i would have known earlier). I asked the management why they didnt disclose this information prior to people moving into this building and they said that it was considered "protecting peoples privacy"..im sorry but BEDBUGS are a serious health issue and they dont seem to care, they treat one apt instead of the entire bldg.(and by the way the company that they call to "TREAT" this issue is not even known and their treatment is obviously not efficient) Please dont move into this BEDBUG infested building. Having to deal with this problem is no joke, its a huge hassle!! and management doesnt make it any easier.

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The place appears beautiful with an excellent view but it is infested with bedbugs. The management denies it and tends to put the problem on the back burner. My daughter got bitten so bad on her face she looked like she had been beaten up. The swelling was so severe. Please do your homework before moving in to 2424 wilshire blvd la calo

My roomate and I

moved to the park wilshire apartment about a month ago and my roomate had a bite first we didn't think anything of it maybe just a spider bite. Then I started to get random
Bites first it started on my foot and it swelled up pretty bad then my legs then a few weeks later I got to bites on my hand and it swelled up like a glove. So I went down to the office it took them 2 and a half days to get an exterminator out and there setting up the appointments now for my bed bug tr


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So we stayed for 15 days at Park Wilshire and moved out. The mgmt agreed to pay our full rent back. We are waiting for a check. For the record, my apt is a one bedroom APT 300. The one on the second floor is a studio: APT 212.

UPDATE Park Wilshire: Office was closed Sunday. Went first thing Monday morning. Manager, Ana, comes out of her office. We talk outside because she already has a tenant sitting in her office. I show Ana the bites on my wife and mention bug bites. Suddenly, someone says out loud, "It's bed bugs!" I look up and it's the woman who was in Ana's office. It turns out that she was there to complain about bed bugs herself! Apparently, she has a studio on the second floor and has been getting bit for mor

e than a month. Not to the extent as my wife (who got bit 16 times in one night). She was there to ask for her prior month's rent back + not pay for the remaining two weeks on her lease. They granted her request. Talking to her later, she said she got bed bugs about a week after her neighbor's apt got sprayed. And she found out that 2 doors down, another tenant had a bad case and moved out quickly. - Suddenly, with 2 tenants in there complaining, our voices became strong. Ana quickly gave us a green light to cancel our lease. So in the blink of an eye, after moving from Jersey to LA, after just one week, we were apt hunting again! Fortunately, at the end of the day, we found a good apt, got approved quickly, and gave notice that we will move out of PW by early next week. So we will have spent literally about 2 weeks in PW. I am asking for full rent back (it's only about 2 weeks), plus the cost of some stuff we bought for the apt. Will see what happens. I called the LA health dept. All you can do is leave a detailed message but it says that they look into every report. - Protection: after being attacked, my wife was terrified of getting bit again. I happened to have some Rhino doubled sided tape (Home Depot, carpet section) and we're sleeping on the floor (furniture didn't arrive yet). So I used the tape to create a border around our sleeping area. 3 nights later, so far, no more incidents. Not sure if they don't like the smell of the tape or that they are full and will wait a few more days before reaching a new feeding cycle. I suspect the latter.

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Park Wilshire, 3rd floor. Moved in Tuesday, Nov 29, 2011. Friday night, at 4:30 am, my wife wakes me up saying that she's itching all over. She's got 6-7 bites, red spotchy areas. I thought maybe she was having an allergic reaction to something because I didn't have any bites. We eventually went back to sleep. The next morning, and over the course of the day, my wife has red, itchy spots all over, she counted 16 by evening. It's driving her nuts. We researched online and the bites match the imag

es for bed bugs, especially a bed bugs peculiar tendency to bite in a row (close proximity) 3 times. One website referred to it as a bedbug's breakfast, lunch, dinner. Anyways, she's seriously upset and scared to get more bites. We haven't confirmed 100%, but we're 80% sure it's bed bugs. One odd thing, however, is that I didn't get bit, not sure why ... tomorrow, on Sunday, we plan to talk to the office. The plan was to ask about other vacant apts in this building. However, based on the 4 other reports on this site, it appears the bugs are present on different floors. And who knows how many other people didn't report it at all. My sister says that I should get out of this building entirely. One good thing is that my stuff (furnitures, etc.; moved from east coast) hasn't arrived yet in LA. I will see what the office says and take it from there. Will post relevant updates.

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I moved into this apartment complex two months ago on May 1st, 2011. After about a week I started getting these bite marks on my arms. At first I thought I had a rogue mosquito until they statred popping up in clusters and then I knew it was bed bugs. I am abnormally clean and when I found out I was livid! I went to the management office and they played it off like I had dermititis and made me feel stupid. Once I found an actual bug I went back and told the management and they said that the ORKI

N guy would come and treat my apt and everything would be fine....I've had 4 sprays in the past 2 months and they are still there! My body at one point had 20-30 bites on it! The shittiest part is that they will make you feel like you brought them in when you moved saying things like, "oh you probably got them from the UHaul" I know that is false since I've already talked to 2 tenants in the building that have had them. I'm done playing around and I am planning on calling the Health department. Research before you move into a new place. Just because it is pretty and cheap doesn't mean that its safe!

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I'm in the process of terminating my lease with the management. They're no helpful at all. I did some digging and found out they been having bedbug issue since 2010. The bedbug treatment did not help me at all. The bug came back after a month, I'm outright Piss, now I have to replace my bed, bookshelf, and draw. and throw away most of my stuffs cause I dont trust it to bring with me to my new place. I cant believe the management outrigh

t lie to me that they never have any issue or complain about the bedbug, since it clearly all most apt ranting website they tenant to stay away.

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It is 11:40pm, Jan. 4, 2011 and I was in my bed and I saw something crawling on my sheets. I jumped up, saw the bug, and it was round and flat and didnt look like a roach. It was a damn bed-bug!! I live on the 8th floor of the Park Wilshire Apts. and I am going to the management first thing in the morning to report the findings and BEST get a damn solution!! I am outraged and pissed!!!!!!

It is 11:40pm, Jan. 4, 2011 and I was in my bed and I saw something crawling on my sheets. I jumped up, saw the bug, and it was round and flat and didnt look like a roach. It was a damn bed-bug!! I live on the 8th floor of the Park Wilshire Apts. and I am going to the management first thing in the morning to report the findings and BEST get a damn solution!! I am outraged and pissed!!!!!!

I have lived in this building for almost two years and I am preparing to move. I have heard several reports of bed bugs in this place (some same nearly 50%) of the building is infested. I am going to do a thorough search of my apt before I move in a month and pray that I do not have them. But for anyone who is looking to rent at Park Wilshire they should be aware of the infestation problem. It was reported that the entire 2nd floor is infested.

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