2505 W 6th St
Los Angeles, CA 90057-3149

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The bed bug problem is worsening as the building is finally being painted inside, the holes, cracks are being sealed so the bed bugs are moving into the apartments. Landlord is under pressure from Health Dept but piecemeal approach to eradication guarantees the bed bugs are here to stay.

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Bed bugs and cockroaches everywhere in Asbury.
Owners approach is piecemeal /inadequate so the problem of bedbugs, cockroaches and vermin is ongoing and more units infected.

i do not live in area but i need information on other cities ex arcadia el monte city of industry if they fell victims of this horrible bug. thank u please reply via e mail thanks

Got mysterious bug bites finally learning they were bed bugs in late May - early June. Fumigators require removal of all items unroll furniture so I was unable to do this right away. In meantime I purchased bed bug barrier covers for my mattress and spring box. I killed several bugs along the bed. I scheduled appointment for fumigation twice but the first time Team Too cancelled and the second time they simply didn't show up and I didn't even receive a rescheduling message from the manager. A n

eighbor from down the hall had them, my neighbor directly below my unit also had them and it is not uncommon to hear people talking about roaches, bed bugs or even rodents! Fumigation is offered by management but the building is out of control w pests! Time to move.

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lived here 3 years, started getting bit in December, didn't know it was bed bugs for a while, I've had a mosquitos in the past since we're right next to Macarthur park! It was never that severe, treated it with DE first. the landlord WILL pay for treatment if you go ask for it. The PCO is really nice and informative. (Team Too) I did get sprayed, and haven't been bit so far... They were found under the window too, as well as my mattress/boxspring being infested.

Saw a dead one under the mattress. Cleaned and used a fogger, but they still persist. I seriously doubt there's anything can be done, what with the size and age of the building along with that disgusting carpet.

Yes, it's the landlord's responsibility.
Please contact:
County of Los Angeles
Department of Public Health
Environmental Health
5050 Commerce Drive
Baldwin Park, CA 91706
Phone: (626) 430-5200

After suffering mysterious bites for weeks, I finally saw a nymph crawling on my arm late at night. I killed it and went looking for others, finally finding several adults and egg cases near a windowsill.
I really don't know what to do about this? I've lived in my apartment for almost 4 years, do I have any recourse against my landlords?

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