420 S Westlake Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90057-2908

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The bedbugs won't go away! I am moving out ASAP. I found a place and they refuse to waive the 30 day notice. They are forcing me to pay another month's rent even though I will not be staying there.

I wish I had known about this website before I moved in. This place is horrible. DO NOT MOVE IN!!! It is not worth the cheap rent. Having to buy new furniture is expensive.

They give no leniency with their lease even though one of their dirty tenants gave me bedbugs. They claim no one else has a

ny bedbugs, but I see the evidence everywhere. I have seen furniture dumped out by the doorway with bedbug feces and eggs.

I have seen them in the common rooms too like the elevator and laundry room.

Really nasty!

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i found a bedbug after bringing up my clothes from the laundry room in the building. i couldn't kill it after it scurried away. shortly after i found another one when i woke up in the middle of the night.

i reported it to management and they took several days to come and treat it but im worried it will not do much good if other tenants still have them.

i havent been home for a month now. too scared to go back and am looking for a new place.

The whole building is infested with bed bugs, but many tenants refuse to let exterminators into their apartments. The problem is very, very bad. They are everywhere, day and night, in the hallways, elevator, everywhere.

Filled with bugs even in the day. Exterminator came a couple of weeks ago but bedbugs are still here.

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