345 S Westlake Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90057-2905

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Welcome to ROACH HEAVEN !

I have lived in this building for more than five years and I never had a problem with any type of bugs in my unit, what noticed on those units that report problems with bed bugs is that some of those tenant brought mattresses from the streets, besides that, they don't keep their units in clean conditions

I've been living in this building for quite a while already and it has only gotten worse overtime. Ever since the building was sold to it has been nothing but, trouble. To think that going through all that trouble it was going to come out cheap. Guess what, the rent is not only expensive but, they constantly raise the amount. The apartment is not very complex to be paying all that money. The owner worries too much about the rent instead of what goes in the building like the bed bug and cockroach

infestation, its overwhelming waking up in the middle of the night bitten and having to look for bed bugs. Having to walk into the kitchen in the night when you can barely see the floor because of all the roaches crawling around, no matter how much you clean, they are still there. We have put so much money out of our pockets just to buy Raid and bed bug spray. To think they would at least pay for it. When they decide to have the units fumigated, not even a 24 hour notice is given. The managers are a bit rude and barely even there. To say that there are already 11 empty apartments. Its a humongous relief to be out of there.

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This building is just terrible! You can't sleep at night due to bedbugs! The bedbugs are everywhere even in the bathroom & kitchen! They "fumigate" but it never works. There's bite mark of the bedbugs all over people's arm. Also, the owner is racist! She doesn't listen to mexican people! Only to white. Rent is also to high. They raise the rent almost every month. Managers aren't even friendly. I'm warning you do NOT MOVE THERE! ! ! !

Horrible place . Dont let the outaide fool u!
At night you cant sleep due to bed bugs!
Theres an infestation! Im telling you! Theres about 10 apartments empty!

Horrible. That's what i have to say, there are many things to complain about in this apartment building. To mention a few, water turns off all the time especially during the afternoons, floors pop up, crazy cockroach infestation(i've lived in other apartments with cockroach problems but this has to be the worst.)The cockroaches are everywhere ALL DAY LONG not just night so were constantly killing and setting traps, also other insects. Weak building, very. When neighbors close their door or a tru

ck passes by outside the whole apartment shakes like a small earthquake.
Now let's talk about the bedbug problem here.
I's just BAD. I have never had it this bad,
they are constantly spraying the buildings with toxic chemicals that furniture gets soaked, but the bedbugs don't go away. Bites, i think everyone in this apartment already knows. You'll have bites all over you body; your legs, face, arms, stomach, hands and the strange part is it also happens during the day not just at night. Yet you wont see any actual bedbugs on yourself, but we have found a lot of them here and we are constantly cleaning our apartment unit and looking for bedbugs. This apartment is just infested. Emotional,mental, and physical pain & depression. The bites have left scars that people living in this apartment will have to live with, and none of us are getting compensated. They're just going to keep spraying, and nothing will change. Regret living here.

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This is a nice-ish building, but there has been an ongoing infestation for about 8 months according to some tenants. I have had an issue here for about two months...the management sprays about twice a month. This keeps the numbers of bed bugs down, but I am still getting a few bites a night. Maybe they are in the walls? Or wandering between units that have not been asking for them to be eliminated? These bugs are sneaky, but they are here.

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