427 S Grand View St
Los Angeles, CA 90057-2801

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DO NOT MOVE IN HERE!!!! I have been dealing with bed bugs since May 2012. I got sent home from work for two days due to all my visible bites. I got a bed bug mattress cover, bombs, sprays, nothing works!!! I FINALLY got management to spray, the SAME night of the spraying I got bitten. I have found 3 bugs so far in the last 2 weeks. I can't sleep. I am trying to get out of this place, but management refuses to contact my new prospective apartment building to give a reference.

DO NOT under any circumstances rent from this place.
Unless you like cockroaches, bed bugs and loud obnoxious neighbors with screaming children that they do not control. People blast their music at all hours, their dogs bark and howl and whine ALL NIGHT. The management doesn't do anything about noise complaints.
Oh, and there is NO parking ever. The families that live in the neighborhood dominate the entire block, as well as the surrounding ones. Then at night as their famiy memebers start t

o come home they rearrange the whole block to fit as many of there cars in as possible.
You can't go out at night because the neighborhood is so bad.
It always smells like urine. Its a dirty nasty place to live.
Don't let them fool you with the prices and promises of new management.
They recently sold our apartment buildings with no warning and we now have new management that is impossible to get ahold of.

I am so disgusted.

I began finding bed bugs on 10/20/2012
and found more the following day.

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When I moved in in 2008 I quickly became aware of the horrible bed bug problem. For some reason, I stayed and fought it. The management seemed responsive and I was scared to bring them with me wherever I went.

It took 3 months of the most tortuous experience I've ever had and probably enough chemical exterminations to deform my first child (bombs twice a week for probably 2 months) and of course washing every item in my apartment, which cost $300 -- but the management paid this...and eventu

ally I seemed to be bed bug free.

For a year I still wouldn't invite anyone over for fear, but eventually I relaxed, and life would seem normal.

Still at least once a year I have found a live adult.
I just found one last night.
Yes, I've recently been traveling to New York city, but I did not have any bites while I was there...and honestly its just too consistent. When it becomes spring time here the bed bugs come out in this building!
It's awful and is the only reason I cannot wait to leave. Otherwise I have been very happy here. But I just can't take this any more. Will probably wait until my lease is up (signed in a period of bed-buglessness) ...

I have to say it must be the building and unfortuantely...don't do it.

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I lived here from June of 2009 until June of 2010. During this period of time, I fought bedbugs relentlessly. I had never experienced them prior, but the manager seemed to try and say I had brought them with me on my furniture (that I had had for almost 4 years before moving in without any issues.) She additionally requested I capture and save LIVE specimens to prove that I did, in fact, have bedbugs (because 3 inch purple welts all over my body and a dead one crushed in a paper towel weren't pr

oof enough.)

I became sleepless and paranoid living here, and poisoned myself nightly spraying the perimeter of my mattress with expensive pesticides in a desperate attempt to not wake up covered with even more welts than the night before.

DO NOT MOVE INTO THIS BUILDING. It is dirty and infested- in addition to the bedbugs, I constantly killed roaches in the hallways, sidestepped half eaten cheeseburgers and vomit in the stairwells, and dealt with noise issues beyond my wildest dreams (including the rudest, dirtiest neighbors I've ever had to live above, below, or next to.) It's not worth half of the rent they charge, however low it may be. There are 4-6 adults in multiple bunk beds in some studios, full families in others... soo overcrowded.

They couldn't get rid of the bugs here unless they vacated everyone and sprayed the entire MacArthur Park neighborhood for 6 months. Just keep looking. I wish I had known. I had to throw everything away when I moved out, and spent close to $300 laundering EVERYTHING I could potentially keep so that I wouldn't track them to my new place. (Which by the way, is almost the same price with less noise a better location and NO BUGS.) It's just not worth it to live in fear at Grand View Towers/Apartments/Studios.

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sadly, i still reside in buildling 427, but i have to admit, the bed bug infestation is driving me crazy!!! i moved in july of 2009 and was surprised to wake up with huge swollen bites. in the beginning i just shrugged it off, bc i had never known what a bed bug was until i saw a bunch of them crawling around... not knowing what they were i saved them and put them in a ziploc bag showed them to my boyfriend who owns a hotel and surely they were bedbugs. i told the management about them and they

didn't really do much about it. they had them inspect my room and when i came back it seemed to have gotten better, but just a couple of weeks ago i started to get bitten again!!! i'm soooo sick of these bed bug bites and how it leaves these ugly dark scars, it's disgusting. i can't wait to move out!!! DO NOT MOVE IN!!! This place is filled with roaches and bed bugs. the rent may be cheap, but it's not worth it!!!!

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This is probably one of the worst apartments I have every lived at in my life. I posted one for the 425 building and now i want to reach out the 427 building. If you have had a bad experience here, please make sure to post an ad on CL detailing your experience. This will hopefully force them to wake up and start listening to complaints rather then sweeping them under the carpet. You will also be warning potential renters, especially from out of state who dont know any better, about the potential

problems with this building and management.

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YES BED BUGS ARE VERY MUCH PREVALENT IN THE 425 BUILDING! I've just moved in and am sleeping on an air mattress. These bugs are crawling up and into bed with me everyDAY! That's right I said DAY. I work the graveyard shift and sleep during the DAYTIME. These so called night critters come to feed off me while the sun is shining bright. As long as you are a warm body and laying down they will feed! I regret getting into this lease and can't wait to make my great escape in a years time. Man

agement here knows nothing about keeping long term tenants. What good is owning a building with a high end of lease turn over? Business school anyone? DON'T LIVE HERE, THE BEDBUGS ARE HERE AND THEY ARE HUNGRY.....DON'T SIGN THE LEASE.....DON'T SIGN THE LEASE! Oh yeah, management here has a habit of omitting important details pertaining to tenancy...like $125/mo parking fee and if the rents due at the beg or end of mo. They simply say, "well you didn't ask". Where is the integrity,where is the trust, where is the consumer/vendor relationship? Very shady business practices here. DON'T SIGN THE LEASE!

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I had bed bugs there on and off for 2 years. I kept reporting it, only moved out when the problem became unbearable. My apt was sprayed many times and never did really work. Bed bugs are not there because someone is dirty, they are there because they move from apt to apt, they don't feed on filth, they feed on human blood and the blood of your pets if you have any. I lived in these apts for about 4 years and there was always a bug infestation of one type or another. First there were roaches, the

n fleas, then bed bugs and even through there are more effective treatments there is no way management would use them because they cost more. I think the entry by a so called "MARIA" was done ny management, I don't think anyone who lives there would actually praise the crappy management company so much. Also, does anyone recognize the terrible spelling and grammar? Sounds a lot like management's notices doesn't it? I really feel sorry for anyone who still lives in the buildings but I knbow that a lot of them put up with it because they moved iin when the rent was cheaper and cannot afford to lose their rent controlled apts. from hell.

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Oh I HATED living at grandview towers and I broke my lease and got the heck out of there. I lived there from dec 2007 to aug of 08 and when I moved in I specifically asked if there were any bug problems and the manager admitted that they had a little "roach" problem but never said a thing about the bedbugs. It was the worst, most disgusting experience I ever had! And to Maria... "F" you!!!!! I am not one of those crazy dirty ladies like the lady who was evicted from my building. I worked a full

time job, paid my rent and bills on time every month and had a spotless apartment and guess what...still had fricken bedbugs!!!! I tried everything I could find on the internet to get rid of those things and spent more than $2000 on treatments, and new furniture and laundry costs. Not to mention I had to move out because lucky me...I was allergic to their bites and also round up in the ER with cellutis. It's not a made up problem. Every single apartment...including yours sweety! Has major bedbugs...just because you don't see them doesn't mean they arent there. Some people aren't sensitive to bedbugs and will never see a bite on them no matter how many bites you have. That was my brother. I however was covered in nasty quarter sized welts and couldn't go to work because I work in a school with special needs children. I lost my apartment and almost my job. The manager is one of the worst on earth. She didn't care about the bedbugs and refused to let me break my lease and is now trying to charge me cleaning and all this other stuff which I won't be paying. I left my apt. spotless...even painted and better than those shotty jobs their so called "maintence" did. hell...I even fixed the water damage to my wall for them caused by the dumb drunk upstairs. Nobody should rent from these people and I will post this everyday in as many places as I can find...and I don't care if the landlords see it!!!! They should be sued and condemmed!

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Bed Bugs have always been here!!!!!

People don\'t say anything but they are so horrible and they are still here. Please do not live here you will regret it. Manager is horrible she is never there and if she is she never listen to tenants complaints. Not to mention she leaves early all the time.

Avoid this PROPERTY!!

I have a lease, I can\'t break it. I have to put up with this s**t.

thats right. BEDBUGS!!! They munch your skin in the middle of the night and you wake up with rows of itchy bumps. Management is HORRIBLE, and doesn't maintain the mundane details such as fixing the broken front door lock, and faulty electrical outlets...let alone properly dealing with their bed bug INFESTATION.

never rent there, never rent from a macbeth managed apartment building.

Disgusting. (and over priced at $750, for 350 square feet of bed bug infested slum style studio apartme

nt living. Managed by morons.

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I also live in this building for the pass 4 years and the only thing I’ve seen is Roaches. I have heard of tenants that have bed bugs, but most of them there apartment are nasty because they don’t clean. They had call the Health Department previously and have not the whole building inspected and guess what they pass at least that’s what I heard. Seriously if the building is infested with bed bugs don’t you think the building will be empty by know. You shouldn’t

believe what every say’s or mumble. You know like the lady that said previously that her eye was swollen this and that she does not even leave in this building she talk to so many people going in her building trying to get signatures from tenants to use against the management company. I even sign just to see what see what she was doing and how she was going to use that against the management company and I let them know what she was doing.









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I lived in this building for an entire year because I couldnt afford to move. I was bitten three times on my face and had to go to the emergency room because my eye was swollen shut. I eventually had to sue for medical treatement. During my tenancy there I saw a woman completly abandon her apartment, another had to live in a hotel until she found another place, and another became homeles after she was evicted for non-payment of rent. Please avoid this property!

These little vampires suck. Literally they do. And their bites hurt. I can feel them on me at night and I try to find them. Some times you might get lucky and find one, I hardly call that a lucky occurrence giving how ugly these things are. But to kill one feels a little better, but they're like roaches, "If you see one, you've seen them all." Which is to say that there are millions more where he came from.

They do not live in beds. They nest in places you would not ever think. They like to

stay close to their "hosts" (US!!!!) They travel in luggage, shoes, and on people. They move from room to room in a building via the electrical and pipes. These things have tact. The other day one figured out how to fly. Apparently I have been sitting in a manor that makes it difficult to reach me. I do not sit on any of my furniture that is of any sort of fabric. Well the way that he figured out how to "fly" is that the insect fell on my head. Yeah, from the ceiling. I was typing on the computer and it fell.

They are nocturnal creatures and can live without eating for more than a year. I keep my lights on always in the hopes of preventing, as many as many as I can of, them from coming. I hate lights on while I sleep, but I hate the bugs worse. Consequently I have developed insomnia and can not sleep until I'm dead tired from exhaustion. Or I drug my self to prevent from being awoken by the crawling of these creapy critters.

I don't know what to do. There is a method out there that would rid these buildings of these insects, the owners just don't care and they do not intend on getting rid of the problem any time soon.

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The Grand View Tower Apts has three building
they are 425, 427 and 447 S Grand View St.
Every tenant we have spoken to have said that the bed bugs have been a problem for a long time and the Managers are told to act like they have no idea that the building is infested. Everyone keeps showing us their bites all over their bodies. The bug spraying doesn't work because they keep coming to spray and the bugs are still here. It seems to be getting worse. Last week a tenant put a note on their

sofa that they had to throw out by the garbage dump, saying that the bugs are in the sofa.

The manager keep renting to people and don't tell them the bugs are in the building.

We just found out that a tenant named Glenda got a settlement of $4000 plus to move out because she had to go to the hospital for the bites.

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I am also a tenant and can confirm that 427 S. Grand View St. has a serious bedbug problem.

March 13, 2008 checked into Embassy Suites, Santa Ana, CA with 65+ middle school children. We occupied 20+ rooms.

Awoke at 3am with bugs on my body, the sheets, pillows, inside my clothes. Took a few off my clothes and put them in a baggy. Gave them to the Hotel Manager. He couldn't provide a new room right away because he was sold out. The next day he provided a new room. Inspected new room and found a few dead bed bugs in the dresser drawer next to a blanket. Bed was okay.


out 3/16/08.

At the time, we quietly inspected beds of most of the students, but did not want to alarm them with the full information. Should the families of these students be notified?

This is the most disgusting experience I have ever had.

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I've lived in this building for a year now (since 2007) and have had numerous bed bug bites. Management does not tell new tenants that the building has a history of bed bugs. The last bite landed me in the emergency room with Cellulitis and a swollen infected eye.

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