1901 W 3rd St
Los Angeles, CA 90057-2303

Found 3 reports:

The worse apartment ever!!! Yeah, do not move into this place. It's bed bugs, roaches and the noise from Numbero Uno Market.

I discovered bed bugs in my unit two weeks ago. When I reported it, the landlord said yeah the building has them. From talking to other tenants it has been an ongoing problem for years.

DO NOT MOVE HERE. I've reported it to the health department, but am currently sleeping in my bathtub.


This building is gross. I only lived there for a short time, because of the bugs. Not just bed bugs but roaches too. I had bed bugs biting me every night. Nothing I did solved the problem. The Landlord did not really help as swiftly as needed. It was horrible. The only thing that I could do was move from that apartment and throw away my bed. Moved to a new place and I am bed bug free. Thank GOD!

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