7225 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90046-3101

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There is a bedbug problem in this building. They are in my unit and several other units as well. Management has been quick in calling the exterminator and giving instructions on how to get rid of them. The first spraying was today and we followed the instructions on what to do with our linens and stuff.
Unfortunately since this a problem in the whole building, we're not very optimistic in getting completely rid of them. Especially bc they came to our unit from the apartment above ours. From wha

t I hear, it doesn't really matter how well we fight them if the other tenants don't do their bit. We threw couple mattresses away and been washing and cleaning like crazy. This thing grosses me out.
The exterminator guys said that it wasn't a very serious problem in our unit and we also have very few bite marks. Still, I would not recommend moving into this building anytime soon. If I could, I'd move out asap.

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