410 Hauser Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90036-3234

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There is a growing problem of bed bug infestation at Park La Brea in the Tower Apartments on Hauser Blvd (410 and 420 S Hauser). Since late November or early December, there have been a growing number of bed bugs and it now seems to be an epidemic throughout the towers as evidenced by the daily disposal of mattresses, bedding, pillows, some furniture and clothing found in the basement trash bins. It is almost impossible to sleep at night because of the creatures crawling on to the mattresses, s

ofa and on the walls. One neighbor had to throw away almost everything of value and said management handles only specific complaints rather than ridding the whole building of the problems to keep it hidden from potential renters. Most of us have leases and can't just move out and fear repercussions if we expose this "Oasis in the City". I ask this to be kept anonymous.

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