1128 S Holt Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90035-2406

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my mother lived at 1128 holt avenue # 2 for 4 year she passed away on march 23rd inside apartment .she always complained that she has bugs inside the apartment and I use to call the landlord frank he would not return my calls for over a week he was a slumlord never fixed anything inside the apartment or the building .when my mom passed away and I went to clean her apartment I realize that they were bed bugs unfortunately I ended up taking it home with me I didn't know how serious is this. th

is for whoever that's going to rent the apartment 1128 s holt ave 90035 #2 owner of the building does not care about the apartment building order health of the people living in it he does not fix anything and he doesn't return security deposits back .

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I was renting 1128 south holt #4 and I had numerous problems with bed bugs and roaches I told the landlord many times his name is frank kelement and he would send some guy who is not licensed name carlos and he would bring something that he bought from home depot spray it in the apartment but it would not fix anything .he would never take care of the building and every time there was something wrong he would say you broke and you have to fix it so be aware of 1128 south holt ave 90035

#4 we moved out to a new apartment and we are very happy but he didn't give our security posits back .

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