10460 National Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90034-4662

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We moved in to this apt in October 2010 & had bites by November 2010. Thought it was a rash until March 2011. I informed the apt management that we may have bed bugs though we could not find any sign of them except the bites. Then the apt management had isotechpest unsuccessfuly exterminate twice. So we decided to leave. I asked repeatedly to get out of the lease but they would not let us out. We had paid for hotels, transported our anxious cat & premature infant, rented a u haul to dry every cl

oth item we own for two hours, that is 26 garbage bags of clothes alone, came back to scrubed dry caked on poison off my floors walls & furniture for hours each extermination & it was all for nothing. The bugs remained so we got rid of everything that is not dryable fabric, books, vintage furniture & new furniture alike & much more. Most painfuly all of our shoes vintage D&G & last summers wooden wedges by Sam Edelman, you know the smoky colored swade perywinkel ones with the cut outs on the heal?
We lost it all... & we decided to get a lawyer & move out. It turns out hotel stay, cleaning & all lost item are to be paid for by the owner (if you go that rout photo each item in your place & then in the trash, the burden of proof is yours) but all we wanted was out. Then we were exterminated for the third time & did not get a bite after that but we moved two weeks after the last extermination out of fear that the bed bugs are hiding & breading... is that crazy?

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