10323 Woodbine St
Los Angeles, CA 90034-3713

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This building has bed bugs and management has not properly been treating the issue. I discovered this week that what I have are bed bugs so I reported it. Turns out the management has known that the building has this problem. An adjacent unit has a major infestation they sprayed for this week and the fumes are horrible. They never let anyone know about the problem or that they were going to spray. Apparently it is the new tenant in that unit that reported the problem that was left behind fr

om the old tenant. When the old tenant moved out, they apparently started looking for a new host and began to invade my unit. When a new tenant moved in, the problem was reported to management, but management promised to notify all surrounding units and never did. Here I am wondering what is biting me, and they knew all along! In talking to other neighbors, this problem has existed for some time. One neighbor received bed bug treatments between Feb. and April. They said management promised them they would contact all surrounding units, one of which is mine, and they failed to. According to the city, the entire building needs to be treated, yet management refuses to treat anything but the immediate problem at hand.

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