939 N Mariposa Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90029-3406

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This is the worst place some one could actually come and live with their Family. This building needs to be rebuilt. It has so many roaches you cant even imagine and bed bugs as well. I hate to see people live in a place were you cant sleep at night because you feel the roaches on your bed at night and day. And wake up in the morning with bed bug bites on your arms and legs. Specially when you have babies and all they can do is cry because they cant scratch they dnt know w

hat is going on with their little boddies.
This place needs to be closed if inspection were to go they would have everyone move out. Their is no way people could be living in an apartment with those conditions. And The thing I most HATE IS THAT THE ONLY ONE THAT DOSENT HAVE ROACHES OR BEDBUGS IS THE LANDLORD. She has woodfloors she has the best of everything is she sees one little roach she has her whole apartment fumigated.ASAP. But when u ask them to fumigate your apartment you need to wait since their is a waiting list for them to go fumigate your apartment.
This would be the last apartment Building I would recommend for ANY ONE to come live. I would really appreciate it if we can get help with having inspection to come out to see this building. We ask the landlord for her supervisors number and she does not want to give it out to no one.

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hi i am a tenant at mariposa appt at 939 n mariposa ave the problem here is that all of my neighbors here have bedbugs i didnt have any but as 1 week me and my daughter have been bit by them and i donot like this at all my baby is only 3 months. she has been bit by them on the face and her back they fumigate here but the venom they use doesnt kill any cocaroche or bed bug. not even 1 this is really frustating and it is become a chaos the naighbors say that the buillding might be infessted plea

se do something about it.
thank you!

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i also have a problem with bed bugs i had to throw away two couches my daughters bed i clean my bed every week and i put alchaol to make them go away but they dont i also vacume my bed but the problem is still their. my rug they had to remove it. the problem here also is that my daughters and my son have all been bitt by the bed bugs . i dont know what to do.
thanks tenante at 939 n mariposa ave

i have a new born baby of 2 weeks old bed bugs bit her in the face. supposebly the come to fumigate the apartments but the venom to kill cocaroches and bed bugs does not work im thinking they use the cheepest venom i clean out everything for the fumagation i come home and their is not even one cocaroche on the floor the fumigater that comes is not sertified

not sure what happen but for the last few mounths there has been a increst of bed bugs in this apartment

not sure what happen but for the last few mounths there has been a increst of bed bugs in this apartment

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