1042 Sanborn Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90029-3112

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If anyone at 1042 Sanborn Ave. are having Bed Bug problems, call someone that can help, the BedBug Lawyer @ 1855-4-BUGLAW OR WWW.MYBEDBUGLAWYER.COM

Hi Frank (the apartment manager),

I'm very happy to report that after spending thousands of dollars on expensive heat treatmenst, the new owners of the building have eradicated the bed bug problem.

Please continue to report any occurrences and they will be treated by our new pest control company.

I'm currently the manager of 1042 Sanborn. My apartment had bed bugs before I moved in and it has since been reinfected from surrounding units at least once. If you suspect you have bed bugs let me know immediately! It takes a lot of work on your part, the management company and the pest control company to get rid of them! We've been successful in getting rid of them from my unit and other units in the past. It's best to treat all affected units at once so let me know asap.
I also thought

of moving out, but you run the risk of taking them with you or moving into a building which already has them. Here's a few steps I've taken in the past:
1. NEVER, EVER take in used furniture from anywhere and especially from the street.
2. Seal off any holes or crevices in the walls of your unit.
3. Wash your bed sheets once a week.
4. Be extremely vigilant, search everywhere for bed bugs or their droppings.
5. AVOID having overnight guests and if a family member returns from sleeping elsewhere wash all of their belongings and keep their suit case in a plastic bag.
6. I have also purchased mattress protectors (not mattress pads) these zip all the way around the mattress and prevent anything from entering or EXITING.
The current management company (see below) is treating bed bugs with a profession pest control company that uses chemicals. However, they have also just begun using heat treatments, so if you are concerned about bed bugs call me immediately!

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This building is completely infested with bed bugs. I have talked to the manager Bruce, and his assistant Lorenia. No one has done anything. There is no movement. We have six people now complaining and they have done nothing. It is shocking how bad it has gotten. We have photos, we have made attempts to get help. Bruce will do nothing. He is selling the building in July 2011 and just wants to keep it quiet until the new owners take over. is there anything we can do? any way to get help

or do we just move out.

Sanborn Leasing: 818-348-3045.

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Apartment building is infested again. Management company has hired Fume-a-pest to treat affected units.

Apartment was infested as well as two other apartments were also infested. Nothing came of it until other people began to complain. It took dozens of treatments and finally remedied.

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