1216 N Edgemont St
Los Angeles, CA 90029-1510

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The week I moved in, I was changing the sheet on my new mattress and found one. In addition to bedbugs, let's not ignore the mice, roaches EVERYWHERE and weird bugs that come out of each drain. A friend used to live here before I moved in and said a nasty hoarder was evicted. When they have a guy coming around and spraying poison regularly, and you need to vacate your home for several hours, clearly something is wrong.

Edgar does the best he can, but the owner is an evil woman. Hi Deb! :)

STILL an issue over a year later. Just woke up at 430am AGAIN due to insufferable bed bug attacks. Edgar,the manager, doesn't give a shit about the issue apparently; having random apts sprayed on random days, rather than an entire floor at once. I had my apt sprayed TWICE last year (with less than 24 hours notice each time) but it didn't do anything of course. Unfortunately having a job means I need more than 24 hour notice to launder and bag EVERY item I own.

Anyways, I'm just venting becau

se I can't sleep... Plotting my escape for real. fuck this place

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The building is infested. DON'T MOVE in here. So many people have left already. Three in the first floor, so if he's showing you an apt on the first floor, you know why.

Who knows if he'll treat the empty apartments the proper way. The manager - chubby guy with a goatee - will likely try to reoccupy them as fast as possible. Don't sign the lease. Ask him to provide you proof that they are gone. Don't risk it. It only takes one bug to infest your apt. If he has a bed bug clause, ask him why.

Tell him you've read complaints that there's an infestation and what he has done about it. Up to this date, there are still bed bugs here.

Don't move in here. Save your money. Just don't do it. It's a HORRIBLE experience. These things bite on the daily. Every day, it's new bites. They are attracted to your breath so they'll seek you out. I've started sleeping with long sleeves, pants tucked into my sock and everything, but they just crawl in. They are now biting my stomach. I don't know how they get in there. This sucks.

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The problem is on going and the manager is dragging his feet.
They do not care or cooperate!
Anyone that has an infestation should contact the health department.

This place is infested with bed bugs. It's a recent infestation that has plagued the whole building. I don't know what this person is talking about the manager is doing what he can....he'll say anything to save his skin and that of the property owner. Don't move in there. I had to move because I'm allergic to the bites. Can you imagine the poor folks in there who can't afford to look for another place?

This guy - a real sleazy scumbag masquerading as a concerned manager. Save your money. The

location isn't that great either. There's NEVER any parking. There's several empty apts and he's looking for some poor sap to rent it. I hope they check here so they know what they're getting into.

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Oh man, where to begin. This started when the manager was doing "inspections." I thought cool, some of my broken things are going to get fixed. A few days later I get notified that I have bedbugs and they were coming to exterminate. I had no idea. The whole situation seems to have escalated from 0-100. Well, after they sprayed, it was awful. I was covered in bites. It's really been a nightmare. I'm not the only who has bed bugs. There were/are several apartments on all FOUR floors that have been

infested with the pest.

I would take accountability if I was the only one going through this, but it's many apartments. It's obviously a pest. It's been months since they initially came to spray, but it hasn't helped. I'm writing this with anti-itch ointment on my neck because that's where I have been bitten in the last few days. I started sleeping with long socks, my pj's tucked into them, long sleeves and even long socks protecting my arms so I won't get bitten there, but now they've started bitting my neck and any tiny bit of flesh that I leave exposed.

I've never had a problem with bed bugs before. The bites take DAYS to heal, that's if you don't scratch. It's embarrassing to have over 20 bites on your arms. It's unhygienic. Several tenants have left because of the pest. The manager has been cooperative and every all, but after 3-4 sprays what can one do? I can't keep getting bitten and he can't do anything else. So where to turn? The 'treatment' is clearly NOT working. But he says there's no other option, but to keep spraying. I don't have a bed anymore because I thought that's where the nest was. Wrong. I have no idea where these bugs are. I'm not dirty and I live alone.

It's been a horrible experience. These bugs are disgusting and I can't believe I'm living with them. The ordeal started in August or July 2014. It's still a problem today.

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