1237 N Edgemont St
Los Angeles, CA 90029-1509

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I began getting bitten the FIRST NIGHT in my apartment here and didn't stay long because it proved so COMPLETELY INFESTED.

The property managers are nice, and it's a cool looking building (exposed brick etc.) but unfortunately it's very poorly maintained - and corporately owned by people who DON'T CARE. Do yourself a favor and steer clear at all costs.

I was able to dig up some information on these guys from the California Secretary of State. As of 2015, this property is

owned by:

Tenants who have issues (which you will) should take it up with them.

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This building is infested with bugs! Its impossible to sleep, all my things are ruined and the manager will not do anything about it! I am so uncomfortbale and so frustrated and there seems to be NOTHING I CAN DO as the building will not even communicate with me about the problem.

STAY AWAY from 1237 N edgemnot

This address has bed bugs! Our apartment was sprayed in december of 2012 and just 3 days after they returned. We tried contacting the building about the issue (calling 3X a day and knocking on the door) and were left without communication being eaten alive for over a week.

Finally, once we got in touch with them we requested the apartment be heat treated since our research indicated that it was the most effective treatment. We had called local companies and recieved quotes not much higher th

an the spray treatment, that assured the heat treatment would not affect the neighbors, would only take a day and more importantly would actually get rid of the bugs.

At this point the building will only offer the treatment that they already gave, which required us to pay to clean everything we own, bag and deep clean the house, which apart from being an expensive hassel didnt work at all. We have suffered for about 2 months now and we are looking at thousands of dollars worth of dammage as everything we own is contaminated not to mention the implications it has on our work, the quality of our sleep, our daily discomfort and just plain walking around with unsightly bites ALL OVER us.

We had read the reports from this address several years ago and thought it would be fine to move in but save yourself the pain, stress and discusting conditions of living with parasitic bugs and AVOID THIS BUILDING!

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Bed Bugs are an epidemic in NYC and LA. Information on web found about bed bugs is that they are a traveling bug, transferred through bedding, any fabric, suitcases, etc. When moving, people often bring in used furniture and mattresses found on Craig's List, or elsewhere. In a consultation with several Pest Control companies, we've been informed that the bed bugs are not inherent to the building, and do not travel from one apartment to the other. We've been given assurance that the building

is not infested, the individual units/apartments reporting the problem cannot spontaneously become infested, unless bugs were brought in.

We've never charged a tenant for service, and have never threatened to charge any tenant. From the words of pest control technicians, any tenant complaining was interviewed to help figure out where bugs came from...

Please post truthfully.

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This building had bedbugs when I moved onto the 4th floor in 2007! I was informed by the management that I caused them, even though I know at least 4 apts were treated. The management then informed I would be billed for the treatment of all 4 units, although I moved out before any bill could be sent.
OMG This place has a roach problem as well. I bombed my apt repeatedly and eventually moved out when the bedbugs and roaches became too much.

I am a former tenant at this NY style apartment in the Little Armenia/East Hollywood area. About 11 months into my lease there in 5/10 I started getting red bites that resembled mosquito bites, it wasn't until I noticed blood stains on my sheets/pillow cases and seeing the little red demons did I realize I had bed bugs. I had heard of them naturally in cultural references, but had NEVER had them or this problem before.

I informed the manager that I had them, she said they would spray my

unit, but tried to blame the problem on my travels a few months prior, even though I know she told the pest manager that numerous other apts had to be sprayed as well. I spoke to an entemology professor at my school who informed me that the pests from Hell can live in cracks and crevices for up to a year without feeding.
I moved out of this building a while ago, but thanks to this infestation, I am psychologically scarred as I often feel itchy when seeing pics of them, or when I stay at a hotel, I can not have peace of mind until I lift the mattresses and check bed spreads, and even then, I feel like I will see them in the middle of the night (their feeding hours are 3-5 A.M. just like vampires).

Please DO NOT rent from this "estates" building on Edgemont, it is infested with bed bugs as well as cockroaches ( which is another story for another day).

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