1857 N Wilton Pl
Hollywood, CA 90028-5710

Found 3 reports:

I no longer live there (I was one of the tenants to be forced out by the infestation), but there most certainly WAS an infestation this summer. I hope it is under control, but it is completely unethical (and unfair to potential tenants) to pretend that there wasn't an infestation.... in fact it's appalling.

There was no infestation found at 1857 N. Wilton Place. The building is treated by All Pro Pest Control. Any questions, call All Pro Pest Control 661.257.1207.

As of September, 2009 there is a live infestation in apartments 302, 402 and 502. All 3 apartments have been vacated, but the infestation is still going strong.

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