1811 Tamarind Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90028-5513

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DO NOT LIVE HERE. As of the date of this entry, this building is thoroughly infested. We started getting painful itchy welts one day and it didn't take long for us to figure out it was bedbugs. After confronting the landlord, she sent an exterminator for two separate treatments assuring us that it was just our apartment and we must have brought them in. After talking to other tenants we came to find out almost half of the building was infested and they had been moving through the walls. So essen

tially we got lied to about the severity of the issue. We were also assured that they would only pay for the treatment once and if they came back then it was our responsibility. (Which was extremely likely considering the whole damn building was infested.) To their credit, our apartment was cleansed of the little bastards but we didn't wanna stick around and wait for them to come back so we were forced to move. All in all it was an absolutely horrible experience that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. Stay away!

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Noticed Bed Bugs and bites last week. The Pest Control Tech came out and confirmed they were here. Moving forward with treatment. Apparently an apartment a couple doors down from me had Bed Bugs about 7 months ago. Landlord said she won't pay until every apartment has Bed Bugs... how kind.

Bed Bugs picked up from on-site washing room. Infestation intesified throughout late 2009. The landlord was very helpful in the situation and took care of the matter, they also have a very good exterminator working the building... The problem was contained and eliminated within 2 months... (Exterminators have to make return visits and spray more than once in order to eliminate the problem fully). Not a pleasent experience, but as stated, management and the extermination service jumped right o

n the matter.

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