1811 Tamarind Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90028-5513

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Noticed Bed Bugs and bites last week. The Pest Control Tech came out and confirmed they were here. Moving forward with treatment. Apparently an apartment a couple doors down from me had Bed Bugs about 7 months ago. Landlord said she won't pay until every apartment has Bed Bugs... how kind.

Bed Bugs picked up from on-site washing room. Infestation intesified throughout late 2009. The landlord was very helpful in the situation and took care of the matter, they also have a very good exterminator working the building... The problem was contained and eliminated within 2 months... (Exterminators have to make return visits and spray more than once in order to eliminate the problem fully). Not a pleasent experience, but as stated, management and the extermination service jumped right o

n the matter.

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