1830 N Cahuenga Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028-5055

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The flea issue was resolved weeks ago. It was coming from the parking lot next door, not the owner's property, due to homeless people camping out there, leaving food out, which was attracting animals, hence the fleas. Owner was diligent on this issue from the start and had Orkin there again last week.

About a month ago one of the apartments right next door to us got a horrible bed bug infestation. The tenants were covered in bites. It got pretty bad since the landlord didn't want to pay to get it treated at first.

She finally had an exterminator come and take care of it. The tenants haven't noticed any new infestations... However, we now have a flea infestation in the side yard of the apartment. Every time I go to do laundry, I get at least ten bites... I'm going to move out since this ar

ea seems to have all sorts of bug infestations.

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