6358 Yucca St
Hollywood, CA 90028-5009

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Live in building form september 2013 to december2014 have not seen bed bugs for 6 months after the "spray every week tactics the management employed yet my friend who lived upstairs has bed bug bites all over her body and her roomates have bed bugs also and comments that they come out at night this is a huge problem for them but I have only seen one this past year.

6358 n yucca st constantly have complaints of bedbugs and maintenence team could be a lot better about fixing things I have called dept of health several times.

mulitple apartments in this building have bedbugs.
last NOV 2010.
Exterminator has been out to more than 1 apt in the building .
building owner/management company dept of health are all aware of the problem.
i thought my cat had fleas until i saw the bites bugs crawling.
i got rid of mine by moving

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