1823 Grace Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90028-4911

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it is September 12th 2015... bed bugs or something else is biting my elderly mom... it may not be bb but the management wants to spray anyway and charge us even though there is not proof that we brought the bb...

my apartment here has bedbugs, at least one other neighbor on the same floor too.

I have been here a couple of years, and it appears that the building has at least 5 units with bedbugs (that I have heard of) .... although, having bed bugs is hardly something many would share with neighbors, so i would suspect more.

I have tried a number of treatments, with some success keeping them at bay, but little success in completely getting rid of them.

The management looks upon it as a personal p

roblem, and blames the tenant.

I think, they will treat an apartment that is empty, but if you live there and have the bedbugs, you have to pay for it yourself.

They seem nice enough, but in several years of being here, they seem to be very hands off, and leave it completely up to you to deal with on your own, which isn't saying much, because you can't really do anything to get totally rid of them, in my experience, excpept move.... and I am not ready to do that yet.

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