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Around the end of April 2011, the tenant who lived below us moved out and soon after I noticed one or two tiny bugs crawling along the wall and across our bed. Since the bed is near an open window, I just killed them and thought nothing of it. Shortly afterward, I noticed I was having some sort of rash or allergic reaction to something on my arms and legs. I thought that maybe it was fleas from our cat, but she wasn't scratching and then I thought it must be spider bites. Soon I was getting cove

red in these small hive type bites and there was always small blood spots on the bed sheets or blankets. At first we thought the cat either cut herself or was in heat but when it continued for more than a week or two, these random blood smears and my red hive bites we realized that we might have bed bugs... One day I was moving pictures on the wall and when I lifted the frame, the same type bug ran out along the wall and as I turned the frame around there were clusters of these bugs in the black corners of the frame which I later found out is bed bug feces! So I took my bed apart to look under it and there they were, along the seam edges of the mattress!! Clusters with black feces below them moving around! I immediately went to my computer to look it up and confirm this and of course there were samples of the same bugs and pictures of people's skin who had been bitten repeatedly! I have since begun a cleaning regimine to include crushed Silicon Dioxide along the baseboards, bottom of bed, washing everything in hot water and drying for a long time, using 91% rubbing alchohol on everything that can't be washed and throwing one box springs and bed away... and I hope it works! My landlord doesn't seem to care one way or the other because he is crazy and suffers from dememtia and he can't understand you half of the time. I am spending all of MY money while the landlord holds MY deposit! So wish me luck that these steps work!

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