1610 N Normandie Ave
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September 18th 2015

So I am to get my place sprayed on Monday (This is friday) by "GP Pest Terminate and Pest Control"

I looked up their license # on the internet, and the CA board says, "Does not exist."

When I called the company to ask them, they hung up on me.

Why has the problem of bed bugs not been terminated? Because this exterminator company isn't even frickin' legal. I bet they are a relative of the rental company.

The phone number is a cellphone number, not a number of bu

siness, and they don't know anything about bed bugs when you ask. When I looked them up on the internet, "Does not exist." When you inquire, they hang up on you.

Do you really want to move into an apartment building where they use an illegal pest control? Where there are bed bugs? Where they don't know what they are doing? Don't do it.

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Been here three years and no matter what you do, cockroaches are a fact. You could be living out your refrigerator, not have anything in the cabinets and they still will be with you, crawling on you at night. The thing is that the garbage bins are so close to the building that I'm sure that the first floor corner apartment can smell it. There are people who rummage through the bug-infested trash and take the infested mattresses back into the buildings. There are cracks around the foundation of t

he building where other vermin like wild rats can get in which neither the previous or current management has any plan to seal. There are birds nesting in the venting pipes, and I swear, there is a tree growing out of the apartment building in the back and then the bed bugs.

I should also note in the building are pot smokers, crack dealers, chronic cleptomaniacs (which the management posts that you can't post about and request your stuff getting returned at all and they have no liability, but then got their stuff stolen the same way) and last year the apartment next door had a murder. I'm not joking. Two years before that, someone committed suicide on this building which led the management to lock the roof and the windows.

I managed to get rid of the bed bugs on my effing own once, because after 7 chemical treatments of immunity and spending my time more in the hallways and out of my apartment than in, it still didn't work but then they came back, crawled right back through the walls and had a joy fest with my arms and legs. The PCOs the management hires are totally incompetant. They don't know what the hell they are talking about and don't read your posted instructions if you leave any. And then they don't leave a post of *when* they sprayed or if they sprayed your apartment.

The current PCO calls Diatomaceous Earth "that white stuff." And they left instructions that aren't possible to follow for all the apartments. And then hang up on you when you want clarification making excuses, but no time to recall.

They don't go for visual confirmation and they don't have anyone to track it. I'm dealing with anxiety over here over this situation.

I'd have moved sooner, but now lack funds--I'll have to get a loan in order to get out. I feel sorry for every couple or family the manager scams to move in.

A couple asked if they should move in and I told them straight what it takes to defeat bed bugs, and how much money it takes. It's well cost me a ton of personal money I don't have, 1,000+ per year I've lived here. It's better to invest that into a new more expensive apartment than to move here. I guarantee you. Also, I should note the whole street in this part of town has bed bugs because people take infested mattresses and objects clearly labeled "bed bugs in spanish and English and take them into their apartments anyway. So from at least the 1500-1700 block is bedbug ville. And also cockroaches to spare. You can see them on the streets half a pinky long or longer. Their children live on in the apartment buildings.

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This building is completely infested. I knew something was weird when the lease claimed the unit was specifically bed bug free automatically making it the tenants fault on paper. I saw the first bed bug just 3 days after moving in a crevice next to the window and have seen them all over ever since. Other insects are here too such as roaches, flys and house centipedes. An unreliable pest control was hired recently to spray all the rooms yet science shows this does nothing but spread them around m

ore. I saw the most bed bugs in a single day that day they sprayed.. This place would be really nice and cute if they just got rid of the bed bugs, but since they are living in the walls the only realistic option of extermination is to demolish this bug paradise and build a new building.

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I moved out of the 3rd floor apartment after a HORRIFYING encounter with bed bugs- it took the manager 2 months to do anything about it- and when she did, it was just a spray- not even an inspection - the bugs are alive and healthy and there is NOTHING you can do to mitigate their assault.

In my 1st floor apartment I have trash can outside my kitchen (so I hear the garbage collectors bang the lids up and down ALL EFFING NIGHT) and now I am bleeding from every limb - the suckers are back and

they are feasting on my family.


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Bed bugs and roaches in walls coming out through light fixtures, plugs and pipes. I covered mattress in plastic and sprayed poison and washed sheets. Had to repeat again. A lot of people throw out mattresses and complain of bed bugs here. Homeless junkies live in laundry room and break locks on doors to squat dragging trashed furniture in back, urinating and vandalizing outside. Landlord put up a sign but have not sprayed building in two years.

Yep- definitely bed bugs. Started getting bites, took them a little over two or three weeks to fix. Worst part is- they never put up any kind of notice or told the other tenants to be extra careful about tracking them into their places.. which is especially irritating because they make you sign in the lease that if you get bed bugs it's your fault (you must have tracked them in or did something to cause them and even if you didn't it's still your fault because you failed to take proper preventi

on measures). How are you supposed to prevent a problem you don't know exists? You also have to sign acknowledging that the premises were bed-bug free on the date of signing, but they don't show you any kind of proof. My place had bed bugs for a month, and there was a For Rent sign out front for the entire time. BEWARE.

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Hell yeah! 1610 N Normandie Blvd does have bed bugs!!! It has been a good couple of months trying to get rid of a bed bug plague here. We had to throw away our mattress and our bed frame, they were more than officially infested. Checking the place, we have realized that the bugs are hiding behind wall pipes, power outlets and wall frames (they like fine art). The exterminator came a few weeks ago, steamed around, but the bugs are still here. In general, the maintenance of the building is pretty


Good Look!

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Lots of bed bugs as well as homeless crackheads living in the stairwells

I couldn't figure out where all the mesquito bites were coming from. To my horror, they are not mesquitos, this place is infested with bed bugs and roaches.

I've tried everything I can buy, now I'm throwing everything out that can't fit into HOT wash machine.

Management will NOT do anything about it. But they don't fix anything here.

Hi u guys with the 2 previous posts about using your own company, what's your contact/company?


march 1st 2010. i left this apartment because i would be getting bit by a lot of bed bugs. i washed all my clothes and blankets etc but some how i still kept getting these pest. then i notified the landlord and she called the pest control. we scheduled for the pest control etc. once the pest control came they sprayed the room. so i didnt go back to my place for about 12 hours. next thing you know they didnt do a good job. it was just roach killing substance they sprayed. so i spoke to the land l

ord again and she stated that they treated my unit for bed bus. that was a lie. people that live in that building dont care because they are paying low amount of rent because they've been living there for a long period of time. the land lord and i scheduled for another appointment for bed bug control. then they came the second. once i cleaned my unit and washed everything the bed bugs still came. remember this people when the landlord said that they paid for the bed bug fumigation ask them to show u a receipt. i found out from a pest control personal that a bed bug treatment takes up to 3 to 4 hours and they dont just spray. they have to inspect the whole unit from top to bottom and inside out such as clothes blanket etc. if your landlord is saying that they paid 600 to 1000 for bed bug treatment its a lie because all they did was infest it more and sprayed cockroach killer so that u could just leave. just get a professional to get rid of your bed bug problems. call them yourself and show that receipt to your landlord and tell them that u will be deducting the amount u paid for the pest control on the next payment of rent.

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i got bed bugs in my apartment so i moved out of the building, there had been many reports throughout the building of the bugs, the guy down the hall from me had them too and he said that the pest control guys that our landlord used couldn't get rid of them. he said he and his family had to wash everything ever two weeks to make the place livable. some pest control companies (like the one i used) have bed bug sniffing dogs that can coe in and sniff a place before u rent it (usually the landlord

will even pay for the service) and i highly suggest it before moving in anywhere.

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