1115 Laguna Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90026-4222

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Do not move in to this building. I moved in here in late 2012. Before I moved any furniture in I noticed these little bugs crawling around on the floor. I had never seen or knew what a bed bug was so I just killed these little things and bought roach traps. 6 months later I start getting bitten. After doing some research and capturing these little things I discovered that they were indeed bed bugs.
That was when I discovered this site. The first thing that comes up in a google search for this a

ddress is this page.

Owner hired a company to spray the apartment. Spraying I found out was the least that you can do for bed bugs. Another 6 months goes by and I start getting bitten again. Bought new furniture etc.

Owner of the building then hires the same company to come spray. Only this time the apartment the building manager lives in is also getting sprayed. Turns out as she told me, she has had them for years but didn't want to say anything. Nuts! Building owner accused me of bringing these things to the building. Well, the spray company said this whole building is infected!!!!! Has been for years.
Beware!! Do not move in here! The building owner let us move out without notice or penalty. The health inspector came out in November of 2014 and found over 40 counts of violation in the building. Homeless people sleep in the carports, I have had to fight off drug dealers and random thugs. 2 US marshals came to one apartment one day. If you value your health and safety then do not move into this building.

see full report...

Infestation spread from adjacent apartment to apartment number 9. Had Orkin spray repeatedly with little success. Ended up throwing out most possessions and moving.

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