1072 Laguna Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90026-4221

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I just recently cleared out a minor bed bug infestion in one bedroom of a two bedroom apartment located on the first floor of 1072 Laguna Ave. We have also had an ant infestation in one corner of our bedroom, fleas (my cat is an indoor cat...um..), and more recently TERMITES! We didnt know they were termites until the bed bug dude told us those little wings that detach from their bodies and are in our window frames are from termites. I have no idea if any of the other tenants have had these prob

lems but I'm so ready to move out. The beg bugs weren't bad, the bites sucked it was gross yes, but the exterminator said it was a very slight case. HOWEVER, the rest of those cases and the bed bugs combined sucked so bad.

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