1307 Federal Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90025-3944

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I moved in here recently, heard about the problems that the previous tenant had, but there aren't any bed bugs here any more.

I've been battling bed bugs in my apt. and apt. complex since May. I told them after the first of six fumigations of my apt. that bed bugs were coming from somewhere and they should investigate. They blamed me and ignored me. I finally insisted that they check my neighbors apt.'s because one of the persons next to me is severely mentally disabled and I had to call the health dept. because they wouldn't believe me. It is now June and they found the infestation two doors down from me, I'm stil

l getting bit and the Health Dept. even found another bed bug in my apt. and the management co. and owner asked me to leave and told me they would only give me my deposit back! I had to throw away my bed and other things, have my apt. fumigated six times in three months and I've been sleeping on an air mattress! And they still won't do anything or respond to any letters from me or my attorney asking that they help to reimburse me a months rent, give me my deposit back and give me time to move. I'm currently moving and taking legal action against them! This last three months have been hell!

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