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I lived in apt 631 for several years and had a large infestation of bedbugs, roaches and, mice. They sprayed several times with no sucsess. i had to move out do to the problem. I am now in the procees of suing the landlord. The problem has cause many problems, health wise ect. for me. It has made it very incovient for the person I had to move in with.

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NEED results? Go to www.MYBEDBUGLAWYER.com or call toll free 1-855-4BUGLAW.

I am a Holocost survivor and grow up with people having bed bugs, my mother never had bed bugs.
Freezing does not work very well. It is in the cold Countries like Russia, Canada that they survive long harsh winters. Look up under Canada they battle the same fight right now.
Spraying does not work, you only drive them to the next Unit or building. Also, there are reports that the bugs are chemical resistant.

Heat treatment seem to work best. But after that everybody need to VACUUM, VACUUM

and again VACUUM to prevent further infestations. Not just the floor, but every corner, drawer, closet etc.
All Laundry must be done in the wash machine and in than must go into the dryer. My mother boiled all the laundry, dried in the sunshine and than steam ironed.
If you have a balcony expose all your close, pillows , mattress and whatever you can put there into the sunshine. You could increase the heat by putting the stuff into plastic bags. The heat will kill all the babies and VACUUM.
LOTS OF WORK, but it pays with good night sleep.

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I have a bed bug problem in my apartment. I heard it's a general problem in the whole building.
The manager is actually taking care of the situation by spraying my apartment, however on the other hand we all know we are dealing with resilient bugs and the most scary part is that the whole building has them.
I know about this new method called Cryonite; basically it kills bugs by freezing them at a temperature of -110°.
Unfortunately this is an expensive treatment and I was told the owner is

not willing to pay for this.
I believe it's worth since I've heard it's really efective and the entire building needs to be fumigated with this method in order to get rid of this plague once and for all.
I think the owner should at least pay half and each tenant the other half.
Is there anybody out there reading this who can actually help??

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we had our apartment sprayed on friday march 19th 2011 and on saturday afternoon they were back in droves, my wife has bites all over her body and we need help as we pay $650 a month for this, sad....

this apartment building is completely infested with bedbugs. the manager does do fumigation but pretends the problem is cocroaches but we know better. i have heard from my neighbors that they also have the problem. DO NOT STAY HERE!


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